Beautiful empowering  Spiritual Healing therapies in a safe and clean environment in Sydney. I offer Reiki Healing, Mindfulness, Past Life Regression and Life Between Live Regression. Expanding spiritual awareness and ascending consciousness into higher spheres of reality.


homepageOur inner exploration and journey through Hypnotherapy is not so much a journey of discovery. It’s a journey of recovery. It’s a journey of uncovering our own inner nature. Through this gentle therapy, you will manage to quieten your mind and find deep clarity as you experience and integrate aspects of your true authentic self into the present.

The healing process isn’t just about knowing the true inner self, it is recognizing and nurturing the delusions of the ego self and understanding how, when and where these beliefs took place. The inner authentic self is always there and has always been there inside of you. Once we build courage to face these shadow aspects of ourselves, we then can reframe these beliefs into something in line with our true inner self. We then safely and securely integrate new awareness into our outer persona self. From antiquity, the human race has bared great trauma from the past. As we explore the unconscious, we effectively understand these programs and falsehoods deep within us.

These times are very important as we begin to remember who we really, as we break away from societies expectations of who we must represent, as we now return to the inner identity of who we are. If we were to imagine the unconscious in the physical, it is literally the spinal column of our body where electro-magnetic energy moves in harmony with the influence of our thoughts, feeling and emotions. Our body then responds to this consciousness which is effected by what we choose to process in our mind. Imagination and creativity is the key process of exploring our inner individuality. To know thyself is to know the universe. We are just a micro version of the universe around us.

Our hypnotherapist is here for you

My name is Dean Galati. I would like to introduce myself. I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energy Healing. I offer a number of therapies ranging from Spiritual exploration to Clinical Hypnotherapy for finding peace and well-being.

I have assisted those in need of exploring their wisdom and self-expression within the inner realms of who they truly are. This therapy is all about relaxation, mindfulness and focusing your attention on what it is you want, building the courage to work with the deep unconscious and reframing it into something that is healing. With a passion for helping people realise their potential for personal growth, I have established a reputation for gentle Hypnosis in Sydney, allowing my clients to live out a more peaceful and enriched life. Hypnotherapy is a helpful tool to bring you into a state of divinity, clearing out negativity and setting you onto a forward path of discovery and self-empowerment.

One thing to remember is that this therapy is a commitment. Moving through the healing process takes great courage and nurture. It’s also the process of mutual respect between the practitioner and the client. Respect between the practitioner and the client means honoring each others time and value when it comes to the exchange of time and value within the healing process. Past Life Regression sessions are booked in with a deposit of $100 to secure the session. Any cancellations or re-scheduling 5 days before a session will result in the holding of the deposit. The remaining cost of the therapy can be paid with cash at the session.

I will only facilitate therapy with people who are serious about making change in their lives. People who respect the practitioners time and value the therapy are people who will make great change in a few sessions. These therapies are very effective for people who have made the decision to make change and are in a place of integrity.

These therapies are accredited and approved by Industry Associations

I am a member of a reputable hypnotherapists’ association. I am a member of the ‘Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapist’. Supervision and guidance is offered by experienced hypnosis practitioners adhering to the highest industry standards and regulations. All training is accredited by the government and industry associations.


Hypnotherapy can be effective for:

•    Weight Loss
•    Eating Disorders
•    Fear and Phobias
•    Motivation
•    Self Esteem and Confidence
•    Self Identity
•    Anxiety and Depression
•    Stress and Trauma
•    Chronic Pain Management
•    Illness and Disease Therapy
•    Medical Issues
•    Loneliness, Grief and Loss
•    Sexual Identity
•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•    Learning, Focus and Memory
•    Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders
•    Pre-operative and Improved Recovery Time
•    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
•    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
•    Performance Enhancement
•    Cancer relief
•    Public Speaking
•    Stress and Trauma
•    Anger Issues
•    Bad Habits
•    Negativity


What happens in Hypnosis?

Using Hypnotherapy, I will guide you through a relaxation process, allowing the mind to explore. As you relax, your conscious thoughts will be by passed as your unconscious mind is explored. This is where most of our programmed behaviors operate and dictate how we interact with the world. As you relax, you then begin the process of moving to a feeling state you are wanting to clear, an experience that has shaped your hidden unconscious beliefs and behaviors. Once you begin the process of gently exploring these feeling states, you then move through the process of reflection, in better understanding why you created those beliefs and how these beliefs do not serve you anymore.

This hypnosis therapy isn’t about exploring traumatic memories, but is the acknowledgement of feeling states we are wanting to shift. As you shift from one state, you then move in the present adult state awareness allowing the unconscious mind to look for new ways to move forward within your present state of awareness. That is, a state that you want to manifest in your future. In essence, this is about working with the present and manifesting what you want for the future. It is about being mindful of what is present as it then paves the way for these feeling states in the future. Until you make that conscious decision to make change ‘now’, the future will always be a possibility, rather than a reality. Hypnotherapists are trained to move through timelines and move the clients from the past into the present and beyond.

There are many processes of healing that can take place in a therapy session, and can continue to progress after the session. Sometimes we may experience many emotions during and after the hypnotherapy session. This is a very common occurrence. Therapy isn’t an easy thing to move through so being brave is an important and honorable characteristic of healing. Once you pass through the process of realisation, it is absolutely extraordinary how beautiful the process of healing is.



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