Life Between Lives Soul Regression in Sydney

Journey into the Spiritual Afterlife called Home

Facilitated from the Brian Weiss Methodology.
Training by Toni Reilly who was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss.


  • Have you ever wondered what happens in between incarnations?

  • Why am I here? What is my life purpose?

  • What lessons are you wanting to learn in this life?

  • Understanding things like family, relationships and health issue?

  • Finding where your soul origins are?

  • Inter-galactic and planetary soul families?

  • Who is in our soul group?

  • How do I resolve Karma?



What is Life Between Lives Soul Regression?

This ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ in Sydney is facilitated from the Brian Weiss Method. It is very similar to the Michael Newton method. In this session we guide the client beyond birth in this current life, a journey into the after life and connect to their immortal soul essence. The after life is the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body and the place where souls dwell between physical lifetimes. This is a place where we are connected to our Higher self, over-soul and soul groups beyond the physical dimension. All people from all cultures, races and religions can experience this profound connection with their super-conscious mind through ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’, which is in reach beyond the conscious every day mind we deal with in our awake state. This subconscious or super-conscious mind is the hidden aspects of our mind which exists on a deeper level beyond our physical life. In ancient traditions, shamans speak of this world such as the aboriginals speaking of ‘Dreamtime’. This dimension is beyond our five senses and yet is easily reached through deep relaxation.

Hypnotherapy is used in tapping into what spiritual teachers may describe as the Higher Consciousness or the Universal mind. And feeling a sense of oneness and connectedness with all that is. If we have a sincere intention for spiritual growth, these energies will assist in our growth and evolution. During the process of Hypnosis, increased levels of energy between the practitioner and the client brings emotions of bliss and grace for healing.

In this spirit realm people access their spiritual guides, ancestors, deceased loved ones, galactic families, soul mates, soul groups and spiritual elders, which exist in a timeless perpetual space where we visit between our earthly incarnations on earth. This is a process of finding life purpose and better understand our soul contracts with family and people within our relationship circles. We can work through our relationships, finding meaning and purpose through our associations with other souls in our lives, enabling us to learn many deep soul changing lessons. Through ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ in Sydney, we can learn about understanding the life selection process, enabling us to know why we’re here and what we set out to do before incarnating as ourselves in this life.

Through the practices of Brian Weiss, ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ is used to reveal the root causes of all mental and physical issues through the superconscious mind, by by-passing the conscious mind state. The superconscious mind is very protective of the individual so it will always use the information that is useful to the person in healing. Our superconscious mind is in fact known as our soul self or higher self, which understands all aspects of the persons behaviors, beliefs and desires, past, present and future. Within the right hemisphere of our brain, this higher self interfaces with this part of our brain. The trick is to develop this creative and holographic aspect of our brain so we can decode what the higher self is trying to show us. When experiencing this session, ordinary time is experienced differently feeling like it is bending. Time in this realm ceases to exist in the linear fashion we experience in the awake conscious state.

As science is exploring new horizons through Quantum Physics, study of consciousness and the study of the mind, we are being propelled forward as spiritual philosophies such as Buddhism are bridging the gap of understanding of who we are, what we are capable of and how we can live better lives through grace, beauty and love. We are moving into times where we are better understanding ourselves through introspection and reflection through meditative practices as science is better understanding how these practices benefit our state of mental, physical and spiritual well being. As science and spirituality exchange ideas, we are beginning to unravel the mystery of the nature of reality and bringing the best of both worlds into the forefront of our understanding. The oneness of consciousness is contemplating what it would be like to know and experience more as it evolves, as we contemplate this very consciousness as being the presence of ‘God’.

Due to social conditioning, we sometime find it hard to embrace new ideas for healing and growth. This is why we need to have an open mind as we explore potentials that haven’t been realised yet, as Quantum Physics describes. These expanding potentials can be most beneficial not only for the client, but also for the practitioner.

Using our creative abilities, we first manifest our physical world through thought. As scientists have claimed, our thoughts and physical world is energy that vibrate at different frequency rates. So to create with our imagination begins the manifestation of what we can create. Ancient traditions have spoken about the spoken word, and how the universe was created from conscious thought. We are always responsible for our thoughts, regardless of a positive or negative thought as we hold what we manifest from our thought intentions. Whatever that intention is, we are bound by what decisions we make and willingness to make change through our own spiritual exploration.

When we communicate with the subconscious, we will find the root cause of the condition and we will ask if all parts are in agreement with change. The healing may take place instantly or may take some time after the session. Other medical interventions are highly encouraged such as aromatherapy, counselling or herbal remedies. When the client leaves the office, the healing may continue its process.

We are energy beings having a human experience

We are made of energy which animates our physical body, as we can increase these levels of energy in an effective way. Enabling us to feel more radiant, relaxed and energised. A strong intention before the session will help deepen the therapy. As we visualise and sense new ways to heal and release negative energy, we can dissolve it or transform it into new healing energy. We can bring this energy into our body allowing the release of negativity. This is effective for a number of things such as pain, anxiety, self identity, relationships, lack of energy, motivation and confidence. You will visit past lives, alternate lives, soul groups, multi-dimensional realities, inter-dimensional realities and may other realities that will show signs of binding and links associated with emotional negativity. It is all about learning. We don’t learn by forgetting or cutting connections with our past, we learn by understanding them.

Higher Self or Higher Soul Awareness

The Higher Self is regarded as a conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self. The Higher Self is generally regarded as a form of being only to be recognized in a union with divine source. Within the learning of Neuro science, the right hemisphere of the neo cortex is considered the higher self. This true aspect of our being is extremely sophisticated. We are dual beings and consist of these two aspects of our personality. The first is the ego state which is located in the left hemisphere of the neo cortex. This is our very critical center where language is developed, often described as a chitter chatter voice in our mind. The right hemisphere of the neo cortex is where our higher self interfaces with our human experience. It doesn’t use language but instead expresses itself through colour, holographic visualisation, emotions, feelings and spirituality. It expresses itself when this higher self integrates with the ego self and works in harmony with the left hemisphere of the neo cortex junctions. Hypnotherapy enables these two aspects to integrate as one peaceful being. Just as Meditation suggests that this happens when regular meditation is practiced.

When we incarnate, we only take a small percentage of our energy into our bodies from the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, a larger percentage remains and that is what we call our ‘Higher self’. It is the true energy of our higher soul that has split off a small amount of itself to fill the body of a human being. As we grow in our mothers womb, our spiritual body begins to form and attaches itself to the heart and brain of the embryo. The aim of the game is when we die, we need to bring back more high positive energy than you took with us into the embryo. This is how we begin to truly evolve into a more enlightened and advanced spiritual being. Our higher self is always apart of a soul group of spiritual beings such as a collective. And we have relationships with these other souls as we incarnate with them. We incarnate with them so we can understand these aspect they hold that we are trying to learn and understand. Think of it as a mirror. We are all mirroring aspects of each other to others. We are all teachers and students at the same time. The universe is a schooling ground for experiencing life. It’s very beautiful once you think about it.

Spiritual Guides

Our guides are beings that have lived like we have but have evolved to a point where they no longer incarnate on earth anymore. They have chosen to be a Guide to help and assist an incarnate form in their evolutionary journey to higher planes of existence. Our guides can also be a deceased loved one or an ancient ancestor but usually they are just guides for a short time before they move on to other things for their own spiritual growth. Guides can be called on at any time for help and guidance. But one thing that they are always clear about is that if you do call them, always be clear about what you want, always ask for help that is valid and always be grateful for their help and insight. You can have many guides and they can move on as others move in to help at different stages of your life. The main thing about guides is that they do not interfere with our journey and will only help when asked. These beings have experienced life as we are now and are always encouraging us to empower ourselves without their interference. The universe is a free-will zone and all life throughout the cosmos has a given right to be sovereign and free.

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are other groups of souls who are apart of a larger collective of souls. All of these souls usually have a strong connection with each other and incarnate together in families, close friendships and life partners. Over many lives we can incarnate as different roles, cultures and genders, changing roles allowing all souls to learn from different perspectives. Soul groups can also stay within a family lineage on earth and being close to their other members in the same soul group. Other outside soul groups can interact offering more challenging experiences. And often that is the case. Soul groups have colours, vibrations, sounds and names. We can access this information and connect with our soul families in the spiritual realm. We can also communicate with galactic soul groups of beings from other planets, star systems and many multi-dimensional realities. Some people experience being a light body and having never incarnated on this planet before. And some people may experience lives on other planets with soul groups from other solar systems from 6th and 7th dimensional soul collectives. You may even come straight from source energy as a young soul who has never lived in a human body before. The universe is a expansive place. When we incarnate, we only take a small percentage of our energy into our bodies from the spiritual realm. So when we connect with our Soul group in the spiritual realm, it is so much more powerful.

The purpose of Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are agreements we have made with other members of our soul groups or other soul groups before we come into our earthly incarnations. We enter this playground acting through the roles we agreed to live with other characters. What we learn from each other is set up in the spiritual realm enabling us to teach one another. The end game is to know what others have felt in an effort to feel compassion for others.

We can complete contracts with souls as we learn the lessons we came here for. Once we learn that lesson, we can complete that contract, allowing us to move forward towards new and exciting endeavors. Completing contracts is not cutting ties with someone, it is learning what you have set up in the spiritual realm before you came here. It’s a lesson, not punishment. Once contracts are completed, the incarnated personalities can still be associated, it’s just that they have learned something from each other.

Completing contracts can strengthen a relationship, not end them. In the spiritual domain, the friendships we have with our soul groups are a little different than a turbulent relationship you can have on earth. One thing to remember is that when we incarnate into a personality on earth, we are taking on the characteristics of that body, temperament, personality, ego and the challenges that come with a physical incarnation. The process of spiritual growth and evolution is to overcome those difficulties and master life. It’s about conquering fear and mastering the hardships of being a human being. And we are all teaching each other how to do this. Spiritual beings are trying to animate the material human form in order to make it as powerful as it’s spiritual counterpart. With the challenges of being a human being, our spiritual aspects are strengthening the human aspects as both spirit and material marry each other in a blissful union.

Contracts aren’t always completed. Sometimes people are still working through contracts with family and friends. Over centuries, we can incarnate over and over again, changing the roles, genders and status, allowing us to really understand as a soul group what it is like to be many things as a human being. Buddhist philosophers speak of the ‘Wheel of life’, as we can become attached to suffering and craving, which leads us to incarnate over and over. The idea is to move within the flow of life, just as the universe flows with inevitable change, as things never stay fixed. Quantum Physics contemplates these principles as being the true nature of our universal reality. As for contracts, the dark side of this is that there are beings out there who wish to take advantage of other souls by vampiring our energy for their own selfish purposes. These beings live off our fear and if we succumb to their fear tactics, we are destined to repeat the cycle of re-incarnation without being aware that we can move on at any time. Once we dissolve fear, we are then able to release from limitations and evolve, grow and move forward.

Spiritual elders in ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’

In a ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’, you will always encounter an amazing experience with these divine beings. These beings were like us once and have evolved to a very high level. Consider them as very ancient ancestors. They have lived many lives like we have and have mastered the art of being alive. These beings have had thousands of lives and have evolved to a degree where they have become of service to others and are helping other spiritual being to evolve. They are not higher than we are. In the spiritual realm, there is no hierarchy like there is on earth. It is all about learning and the learning process is for all souls. It is just about what a soul chooses to learn. Every single soul has free will. We are always escorted by our Guides through this process, as they help in the process of communication between you and the spiritual elders. The spiritual elders will help with contracts, life purpose and galactic history.

Bring along a list of questions

Before your session you will need to prepare and bring a list of five questions to ask your higher self, deceased loved ones, ancestors, soul groups, spiritual guides and council of elders. Some examples of questions are on the FAQs page in the main menu. You will also need to make a list of those people who are or have been important in your life, known as your ‘cast of characters’. You may have soul contracts with people in past and current lives. If you are clear about these people, you will be able to find out what contracts you have with them and why. Contract can also be changed or altered but only the spiritual elders can assist in this process.

Make sure you have a clear intention

The session will be deeper and more effective if you know what you want. And being clear about what you want to clear, complete and resolve. The intention is your unique expression so make sure you really know in your heart that this is what you want to explore and resolve.

What questions do I ask in my session?

Make sure you have no more than 6 questions. Write them down ‘clearly’ on a piece of paper and bring it along to your session. Examples of the kinds of questions can be found here at

Dr Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss’s expertise in ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ Therapy has helped many across the world to fill their lives with positive change. As we live multiple lives separated by linear time in the physical world, we are also existing in the spiritual afterlife between our lives, which can assist us in eliminate the fear of death and bringing us more into the present moment of our lives. Brian Weiss has written books such as ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Miracles Happen’ which are great books to read before having your first session. He stumbled over a past life early in his career and has been facilitating past life ever since. For Brian Weiss’s website, please visit

Dr Michael Newton

Michael Newton is another very well respected therapist in the ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ movement. He has documented thousand of case studies where almost all of these cases, the clients experience similar regressions. Almost all of his clients see a light, are greeted by loved ones, experience a life review and speak with their guides. He also facilitates the process of moving people through the death process of each past life and transcending them into the after life. This is the process of connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors, galactic families, higher self and spiritual masters.

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

With duty of care for my clients, I need to ask before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy if you have a mental illness such Schizophrenia or Bipolar. If you are on Depression medication, you will need to get a doctors referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session.

Understanding ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ Video

Rates for ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’

4 hour session for $450

• If there are other things you would like to explore, you can get the second ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ for $400.
• You may want to explore more of your first ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ or explore another empowering experience.
• After having a ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’, you can explore more of the afterlife or even explore your relationship with spiritual guides, higher self and life purpose.
• In a ‘Life Between Lives Regression’, you get to experience a ‘Past Life Regression’. You need to move through a ‘Past Life Regression’ in order to get to the ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’.

Bank transfer deposit to secure the session

To secure a session, please deposit a payment of $100 into the below bank account. We do not hold an EFTPOS machine on the premises. No session is secured without a deposit payment. Cancellations and re-scheduling of sessions need to be 5 days before the session. Otherwise the deposit payment will be withheld. When making payment, please send us an email confirmation of the payment transaction to

Account Name: Dean Galati
BSB: 923 100
Account Number: 30941099
Confirm payment via Email:



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