Past Life Regression Therapy in Sydney

Brian Weiss and Michael Newton Methodology


  • Would you like to resolve the root causes of your current life issues?

  • Why am I here?

  • Is there life after death and beyond?

  • Can I connect with my higher self?

  • Why am I repeating the same cycles of suffering?

  • Am I able to release from the Physical world and return back home after death?

  • Can I explore aspects of my higher self through other lives?


What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression involves hypnotherapy regression, energy healing and suggestion therapy to shift negative beliefs from past experiences. These beliefs can then create feelings of limitation and blockages stored in our body, mind and soul which can then manifest disease in the physical body. Once we re-frame these old beliefs, we are then able to transform how we feel bringing vitality and well-being into our lives. As we move through a state of negativity we don’t want, we can effectively shift and transform energy with wisdom and new perspectives in the present. Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is the process of exploring our soul and its incarnations. This process can help you uncover the very core of issues you may be experiencing within your life, helping you to access deep healing and insights. Within this gentle hypnosis, you can learn new ways to heal unwanted issues such as habits, phobias, fear, anxiety and depression to gain a better understanding of how old patterns can limit us. Once we understand what it is that limits us, we can find new resourceful ways to eliminate these imprints in our body, mind and energy field and replace it with something healing and positive. Sometimes our belief structures have created these patterns within our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical body in previous incarnations. So it is about re-framing these beliefs, enabling us to change our state or how we feel about them. In essence, we bring clean universal God energy to re-calibrate our energy field to transmute negative beliefs created in physical incarnation and re-calibrate back to God source energy.

Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely powerful and helps us to live in the moment in multiple ways. For instance, it can eliminate fears, deep phobias and blockages that are holding us back; heal symptoms of pain or provide us with an insight into patterns we may repeatedly experience in our relationships. This type of therapy can also assist and improve our spiritual growth allowing us to evolve. The primary benefit of Past Life Hypnotherapy allows us to eliminate the fear of death, allowing us to accept our inevitable death of ourselves and loved ones and continue to live without any fear.

What happens in Past Life Regression therapy?

Everyone can be hypnotised and induced into relaxation. Hypnotherapy trance is a state we enter everyday when we focus our attention where time seems to distort. This state is still a mystery to scientists but in this state, we can access our unconscious mind. This state is very safe. Hypnotherapy isn’t magic where your treated by Hypnosis. You are actually treated in Hypnosis. It is the process of relaxing the mind in the Theta brain state that the unconscious can then be tapped into. Deep relaxation is needed for this experience to be effective. In this state, you will feel safe and calm as you access various levels of consciousness at the ‘Theta’ brain wave state that stores your past life’s memories. These states of awareness will help you to relieve patterns or remaining fragments from a past life. Our past lives hold feeling states and emotions associated with an experience. The therapy isn’t about the content of memory, but rather about tapping into the beliefs and feelings states that we need to explore and clear. Past Life Regression therapy at our Sydney clinic can help you to discover what specific feelings states are connected to certain behaviours in your current life, which can impact us negatively. By being aware of these states, you will be able to better understand these emotions and release them. The question will be asked, “What can I do differently in this life?”. Or “What is different in this life?”. Once we see the differences, the beliefs begin to reframe themselves into a more realistic manner aligned within the persons true inner authentic self and their desires.

The belief is that our soul re-experiences many lives on this planet or other realities in order to perfect itself. We can also have thousands of past lives on other planets and other multi-dimensional realities beyond what we perceive. As each soul re-incarnates, the process of purification takes place as we come back as different roles with the same souls in many lives over many centuries. For the soul to truly understand all aspects, it needs to incarnate as different races, cultures and gender to really understand what it means to be alive, and to better understand what others are feeling. As we incarnate as different personalities in many lives, we are sharing our soul’s qualities allowing us to learn from each other. All souls have different characteristics and the sharing process allows us to experience life so we can better understand each other. As we share these incarnations with other souls, we begin to see that it isn’t about karmic punishment, but is about learning to feel what others are feeling and living in harmony within our universe. The oneness of consciousness is contemplating what it would be like to know and experience more as it evolves, as we contemplate this very consciousness as being the presence of ‘God’.

Where will I go in my session?

When having spiritual Regression therapy, there are no guarantees where you will end up. Once we allow and trust our higher self to take us to the origins of our issues, whether it is in your current life, past life or spiritual planes, we begin the process of healing. That way we do not dilute the information we receive and access it in it’s purest form. Your higher self will lead you to where you need to go depending on what it is your seeking and whether you are ready to see it. So having no preconceived ideas of what you will experience is important. If we do not need to re-visit a past life, then we most definitely won’t re-visit anything that would be unnecessary. To be honest, where we go is very much out of our hands as our higher self will guide us to the origins of our concerns. This is a therapeutic process so moving in the past unnecessarily is counterproductive therapeutically. It is always about healing in the present now and moving forward rather than lingering in the past. Instead of moving into a past life, you may visit the spiritual realms or between lives for answers. I can assure you, these experiences are just as profound as any past life experience. You can receive valuable information in the spiritual realms.

Preparation before your session

People who are already familiar with hypnosis and Past Life Regression tend to enter into this deeper hypnotic state more rapidly and are able to achieve a greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. It is best to become familiar and prepare your mind with relaxation exercises first allowing you to access states from the deeper part of your mind (superconscious mind). The superconscious mind is even deeper usually used in the soul states between lives. It’s a good idea to release anything in Past Life Regression first so you can have a fresh new perspective, allowing you to find life purpose as your moving forward. There is a process of past, present and future. ‘Past life Regression’ is about releasing the past, ‘Between Lives Regression’ is being more in the present where all you have learned is integrated and ‘Current life regression’ is moving into the future. ‘Between Lives Regression’ is also about accessing your creative mind state where you are creating Quantum future potentials not only in your current life but in future lives beyond your current incarnation. For more information on ‘Between Lives Regression’, please visit


We don’t always need to revisit the past

Some people will want a Past Life Regression with no particular intention or reason. Some people may be curious about how it works or if it’s ‘real’. The unconscious mind will not show you anything unless you are ready to see it and you are seeking something from a place of spiritual growth and integrity. Past Life regression is not a joy ride. Although it’s called Past Life Regression, essentially we are accessing states of awareness and wisdom as we integrate these states into the present. Ironically, this therapy is about moving forward. It is a place where we can work through things about ourselves that we haven’t resolved yet. I do not take this lightly and I always make sure my clients are doing the therapy all for the right reasons. Having a strong idea of where you want to go and what your seeking is very important. There is no benefit in re-experiencing a traumatic experience in a past life, when we are trying to move forward with peace and harmony. We can also visit empowering lives and experiences as we can then integrate them into our current lives. It’s not always about visiting past trauma.

Misconceptions about Past Life Regression

The other point I would like to make is the misconception of how people will see and receive their information. Hypnotherapy is the way we process the experience with relaxation as we move down in the Alpha/Theta brain waves of unconscious mind communication. This is where we communicate with the unconscious and then into universal super-conscious mind where very deep relaxation is required. Now some people expect a full techni-colour vision just as they see through their human eyes. When you have your eyes closed, you are not visualising with your human eyes anymore, you are using your minds eye (Third eye – Pineal Gland). Some people who have PLR can be very disappointed because they don’t see the unfolding of their past life just like they see something on a TV screen. You have to work at relaxation first before you can get to that deep relaxed state. Then you can tune into what your higher self and the universe is trying to show you. There are no magic wands. You are the master and healer of your destiny and you have the power to see and change it. Think of your brain as a radio transmitter that picks up the universes wave form energy moving around us, just like mobile phone signals. Quantum Physics postulates that all energy is in wave form and at the zero point field, all that will and has happened is there, as we then collapse this wave form of infinite potentialities with our focused consciousness and create the reality we experience. So in truth, we are the creator of our reality including our future because our future isn’t fixed. If it were fixed, we wouldn’t have the choice to collapse the infinite choices we are given by the nature of our universal reality. This is why we speak of God as being infinite.

Once you’re in a relaxed state, you then use imagination to decode what your unconscious mind is telling you. You can then easily communicate with it and give it new ways to behave as it then changes our patterns of beliefs and feeling states that are limiting us. The more creative you are, the more change you can create for your unconscious mind to work with. This is how the poets of this world work through their issues. Through expression. When we move to a past life, we move towards it through the emotional feeling state we are trying to clear. Or if your seeking empowerment, we tap into something empowering we have experienced in our current life, however insignificant we think it might be. Eliciting states is very important.

Having a clear intention before your session

Have a clear intention. You will have a deeper and more effective session if you are clear with your intention. The clearing, completing or resolving of issues is easier if you are clear about what you want. Intention is the most important thing.

Understanding ‘Past Life Regression’ Video

Dr Brian Weiss

As one of the most prominent figures in his line of work, Dr. Brian Weiss’s expertise in ‘Past Life Regression’ therapy has helped many across the world to fill their lives with positive experiences and enlightenment. Having lived multiple lives that have been separated by interludes of spiritual between lives, assists us to eliminate the fear of death, bringing us happiness and relief allowing us to be more in the present moment. Brian Weiss has written books such as ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Miracles Happen’ which are great books to read before having your first session. For more information on Brian Weiss, please visit

Dr Michael Newton

Michael Newton is another very well respected therapist in the ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ movement. He has documented thousands of case studies where almost all of these cases, the clients experience similar regressions. Almost all of his clients see a light, are greeted by loved ones, experience a life review and speak with their guides. He also facilitates the process of moving people through the death process of each past life and transcending them into the afterlife. This is the process of connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors, galactic families, higher self and spiritual masters.

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

With duty of care for my clients, I need to ask before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy if you have a mental illness such Schizophrenia or Bipolar. If you are on Depression medication, you will need to get a doctors referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session.

Rates for Past Life Regression

3 hour session for $350

• You can get the second ‘Past Life Regression’ for $250. Savings of $100.
• You may want to explore more of your first ‘Past Life Regression’ or explore another empowering experience.
• You may want to leave some time between your first and second ‘Past Life Regression’. For deep reflection and analysis.
• After having a ‘Past Life Regression’, you can now explore a ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’, exploring your spiritual home or afterlife existence.

Discount Package for a ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’

• If you have a ‘Past Life Regression’ and a ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’, you can pay $750 for both sessions with some time for reflection between each session. Saving of $50.

Bank transfer deposit to secure the session

To secure a session, please deposit a payment of $100 into the below bank account. We do not hold an EFTPOS machine on the premises. No session is secured without a deposit payment. Cancellations and re-scheduling of sessions need to be 5 days before the session. Otherwise the deposit payment will be withheld. When making payment, please send us an email confirmation of the payment transaction to

Account Name: Dean Galati
BSB: 923 100
Account Number: 30941099
Confirm payment via Email:




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