Reiki, Energy Healing & Mindfulness

Spiritual Healing and Development

Spiritual Healing and Development is a process of connecting with the laws of the universe. In these crazy times with technology and so much separation from each other, we tend to forget how enriching it is to our lives to be a part of a society or community. With all the violence in this world, we tend to only see these aspects of life. The human being has the capacity to love very deeply and look within themselves to develop a sense of love, compassion and enlightenment. This training and therapy will teach and open your awareness of your heart space and sacred divinity to your place in the universe. Spiritual Healing will bring a sense of purpose to you and you will begin operating from your heart space bringing intuition, love and peace into your life.

Here are some the things you will cover:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Energetic Healing (Reiki 1 & 2))
  • Life purpose
  • Past life, Life Between Lives and Current Life Regression
  • Nature of the universe
  • Law of attraction
  • Visualisation
  • Developing Intuition
  • Suggestion Therapy (Hypnotherapy)

I can facilitate these therapies to enrich your own life or I can teach you how to teach others these therapies.

You will learn how to visualise positivity into your life, use suggestive hypnosis and learn all the disciplines on soul exploration. Using many tools such as books, training and meditation, you will begin opening your mind and heart space to draw and attract positivity into your life in so many ways.

Here is a video about spiritual practice:

Through Spiritual Healing and the right mind set you can change just about any issue you have in life. The heart is not just an organ that pump blood to your organs in the body, it is also the central part of your existence. It is an electro-magnetic organ that exists as a central unit for your soul to exist in your body. It has amazing responsive capabilities on a quantum level. You have probably heard when people say, “Go with your heart”, or “Don’t think to much about it”. The mind can be very deceptive but the heart always knows the truth and always gives you the answers to everything. This does not mean we do not think or national about things using our brains, it just means it’s important to connect with our central part of our being (soul) and pay attention to it just like our thoughts. The heart is more like a feeling and emotional centre.

“The home is where the heart is”. Remember this saying? It is just one of many. It’s all about how the heart is your magical friend. Like a GPS, the heart unfolds all your truths about yourself and your environment.

Looking forward to exploring with you.


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