Sydney Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management Hypnotherapy can very effective in retraining neural pathways and develop new patterns in the brain and body, to help you reduce and eliminate pain in the body. There has been 10 years of evidence that Clinical Hypnotherapy treatments are effective for reducing daily pain intensity levels in people with chronic pain.

You too can discover the power of controlling your pain and getting rid of it permanently. From my own experience, I have had back pain for years now and I have managed to eliminate the pain to nothing at all by using breathing and visualisation exercises. It is just so amazing how this works. And I am very excited to share it with you. In order to change your pain state, it is necessary to change your thoughts and emotional responses, empowering yourself with relaxation and wellbeing.

What exactly is chronic pain?

Chronic Pain is considered chronic when it occurs almost every day for long periods of time. When we have an injury and the original injury has healed, and we still have pain in that area, it’s a good indication that we need some therapy. Such identifiable cause of such pain are arthritis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, cancer, diabetes, muscle and joint injury, shingles etc. It also includes persistent pain that cannot be identified at all. Chronic illness at the end of the day is about making the right lifestyle choices and making sure you are able to find the right therapies for the pain. Hypnotherapy is an amazing complementary therapy that works well with other more mainstream therapies.

What will hypnosis do for pain management?

Medical imaging studies have shown that hypnotic therapy influences all of the neuro-physiological processes that influence pain. Current scientific research shows that hypnotherapy treatment can influence tolerance levels.

Why use hypnotherapy to treat chronic pain?

Science has discovered that thoughts, emotions and physical movement can affect our body. It can either calm down our central nervous system or activate it. By changing the way you think about pain, you can change the way you feel about it. When we focus our attention, we can control the pain. Research has shown that our minds are very powerful and can change chemical reactions in the body. The more we can divert our attention, the less likely the signals are to reach the painful area. Diverting that signal in our pain pathways, the less pain receptors and sprouts our nerves create. When having enjoyable experiences, we increase our production of good chemicals (neurotransmitters), such as endorphins, enabling the pain pathways to clear. Hypnotherapy is about focusing your concentration, redirecting you into a desired state of comfort, then your able to avoid pain.

Pain and the brain

Pain is an output to our brain which informs us that we are doing something harmful to our mind and body. However, when pain persists, it can become the process of ‘Central Nervous System Sensitisation’. We then begin to believe that the pain is apart of our life and we can’t make any change. We begin to feel helpless and as it takes over. With Hypnotherapy, we can allow our understandings and perspectives to change our belief systems so we can make the changes we want.

Origins of pain

Sometimes the origins of our pain can stem from trauma creating limiting beliefs within the unconscious mind. In this therapy, we will explore those limiting beliefs which may surface from genetics (ancestral beliefs), childhood, parents and social programming. In essence, we are then able to let go of limiting beliefs that are not ours and fill our mind and body with new beliefs that resonate truth within the individual. Resentment and attachment to the past can be a major influence on our mind and body health. Once we accept aspects of our lives and the environment around us, we can then release energy that is blocking parts of our body that hold pain and illness. This therapy is also about energy healing working together with suggestion therapy through Hypnotherapy. NLP and CBT are used to break old states and feelings associated with the pain. Reiki Energy Healing is a beautiful complimentary therapy that can be used to heal cells and dna, assisting the process of recovery.

Making that decision

Once we make that decision in our mind for change, we are then in control of the situation. Once we’re in control, we can then find the right therapy. Clinical Hypnotherapy for pain management can be a great complementary therapy with other therapies such as psychology, physiotherapy and drug treatments. There is also a broad range of allied health modalities that form part of the holistic treatment for chronic pain, all of which work well in conjunction with medical treatment. Clinical trial findings and MRI studies support the fact that hypnotherapy is a valuable tool that will support your ability to learn new ways of dealing with the impact of pain in your life. You can incorporate the right treatment tools with the following therapies:

– Nutritional and Naturopathic support to restore important biochemical balance;
– Physical movement and exercise for increasing levels of endurance;
– Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Visceral Manipulation, Trigger Point Massage; and
– Meditation practice and relaxation techniques to calm the mind and the body.

Always consult your doctor first before using more than one therapy at once.

Reiki Energy Healing

I also offer Reiki Healing for energy release and balancing for illness and disease. You can visit my Reiki Energy Healing page here:

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

With duty of care for my clients, I need to ask before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy if you have a mental illness such Schizophrenia or Bipolar. If you are on Depression medication, you will need to get a doctors referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session.


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