Trauma, Stress and PTSD Hypnotherapy in Sydney

Have you experienced childhood trauma and PTSD?

  • Has the stress and trauma stayed affected your ability to feel safe?
  • Are you having panic attacks from past trauma and PTSD?
  • Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  • Are you experiencing flashbacks from stress and trauma?
  • Are your childhood traumas affecting your behaviours and relationships?


Has trauma affected your life in a limiting way?

Trauma, Stress and PTSD Hypnotherapy in Sydney can be an effective way to healing childhood trauma, panic attacks, PTSD or physical or emotional abuse

Trauma, Stress and PTSD is the response from the human unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is very protective in nature. When we are threatened or feel danger, the part of our fight or flight brain that is protective kicks in. This is the most primitive part of our brain that is responsible for self preservation and instinctual responses.

When we develop our higher reasoning part of our mind, we’re then able to overcome those primitive responses that can control our lives in a negative way. Our human higher mind is responsible for problem solving. The use of the Cerebellum, Limbic and the Cerebrum brains all need to work in harmony so trauma can then be overcome.

Trauma therapy can be overwhelming

Sometimes it can be daunting to seek therapy. And it’s totally understandable if you’re hesitant to go through the therapy. You are just protecting yourself. With a professional approach, you will feel safe all the way through the therapy with the therapist. Anytime we experience something new, it can feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Building a healthy and trusting rapport with the therapist will make your healing journey more effective and safe. With trauma work, it’s important to feel safe and comfortable. We will begin very slowly so you can feel comfortable. The therapist will guide you through the process of courage, surrender, actively resolve through dialog in light trance, reflectively reframing and integrating into a healing place of peace and harmony.

Childhood Trauma

We may be stressed because of a traumatic experience from the past that we have’t processed yet. The trauma may be associated with childhood experiences which have shaped the map of our world and how we see ourselves in the world. We often store these experiences within the unconscious mind, hoping that we can resolve these traumas at a later day. Sometimes we never get to that important day. When healing trauma, the processing of trauma allows the traumatic experience to be observed from a new perspective, desensitising the effects it has on us and feeling a sense of relief when healed. When we experience Child Trauma, we grow up yet we can still be triggered by things that make us feel unsafe, abandoned or uncomfortable. This can affect our relationships and our ability to enjoy our life’s adventures.

Stress and Trauma are general words to describe emotions such as Anxiety and worry. These emotions are all interrelated in some way. Trauma, Stress and PTSD is a beneficial response because it prepares the mind and body to respond to a change in the environment. However, in extreme cases, stress can be experienced over a long period of time which can have a negative influence on our mind and body. It can cause extreme illness in our bodies and can lead to mental illnesses and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Quality sleep, exercise, relaxation, deep breathing work, healthy eating, yoga, meditation and reiki healing can be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy to help healing Traumatic triggers.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

All human beings have been through some form of Trauma. Sometimes it stems from Childhood or just an event in adult years. In a relationship, a person may experience emotional and physical abuse that affects one’s ability to feel free and empowered. If the trauma has not been properly attended to or healed, the re-enforcements over time can permanently scar an individual.

This can cause difficult challenges in relationships, work life and family dynamics. If Trauma is unchecked, any triggers can bring on panic attacks, flash backs and distress to a person which is formally known as ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’. Here at Awareness Healing, we will help you desensitise these triggers, resolve the causes through deep trance work, allowing the patient to feel a sense of relief and peace. EMDR therapy can be very effective for PTSD, which is offered here at Awareness Healing.

Hypnotherapy is helpful for

  • Panic attacks
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Physical and Emotional Abuse
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Claustrophobia
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Childhood Trauma

Other helpful therapies

Trauma, Stress & PTSD Phobias & Fears Self Esteem & Confidence Anxiety & Depression EMDR Therapy Anger Management Grief & Loss Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy Insomnia & Sleeping Disorders Sex Therapy

Limiting belief systems

Hypnotherapy for Trauma, Stress and PTSD is an effective way to quickly change your response to stress. Moving the client to that initial stress response and working through reframing the experience is how we overcome the feeling state. Once we change our beliefs, we can then change patterns of behaviour and how we choose to feel. The subconscious mind is our protector, so in therapy, we can ask the subconscious mind to find new ways to comfort and protect us, or even stop protecting with such intensity.

There are a number of treatments that are available for Trauma, Stress and PTSD. Hypnotherapy can be used with other therapies such as Psychology, Counselling, and Psychiatry. But always consult your doctor and ask if Hypnotherapy is safe to experience with other treatments and medications. There are many self-help relaxation techniques you can use but until you go to the cause of the problem, the feelings associated with the trauma may return. This is where Clinical Hypnotherapy can help.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be triggered by a traumatic event from our past. When something that is associated from a past experience is realised, the unconscious mind then defends the person of any threats, which could jeopardise the well being of a person. Panic attacks can also be associated with an unchecked trauma which can become extreme, presenting as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If untreated, the levels of stress can become so extreme, a persons ability to live a normal life can be compromised. EMDR Therapy is very effective for treating these attacks of discomfort.

EMDR Therapy for Trauma

EMDR Therapy is an effective therapy which helps process the trauma, freeing a person from the overwhelming defences we have within our mind. Extreme Trauma and PTSD can develop which can effect our ability to junction in a relaxed way. For more information about EMDR Therapy, please

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Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy

Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy is offered here at our Sydney clinic. A child can experience great trauma from childhood. It’s hard to function when we get triggered in our everyday life. Post Traumatic Stress can develop over many years of untreated Trauma, Stress and PTSD. Hypnotherapy, trance worksuggestion and regression therapy are used to create a landscape for self-healing.

As we begin the process of Inner child healing, we access feeling states you may have experienced in your younger years by changing negative patterns and clearing emotional blockages. We can release deep anger, rage, resentment, guilt, and painful wounds that exist deep in our unconscious mindFor more information, please visit

Reiki Energy Healing

I also offer Reiki Healing for energy release and balancing Trauma and Stress. For more information, please visit

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