Trauma, Stress and PTSD Hypnotherapy in Sydney

  • Have you experienced intense Trauma?
  • Has the Trauma stayed with you and affected your ability to feel safe?
  • Are you getting panic attacks from past Trauma and Stress?
  • Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
  • Are you experiencing flashbacks from Trauma?
  • Are your Childhood Traumas affecting your behaviors and relationships?


Trauma, Stress and PTSD Hypnotherapy in Sydney will be an effective way to bring peace and joy back into your life. Trauma, Stress and PTSD is the response from the human unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is very protective in nature. When we are threatened or feel in danger, the part of our brain that is protective kicks in. This is our flight or fight response that protects us from danger. This is the most primitive part of our brain and developed before we developed the neo-cortex reasoning part of our human brain. With the use of our more developed parts of our higher mind, we are then able to overcome those primitive responses that can control our lives in a negative way. Fear is a response where we can feel helpless. Our human higher mind is then meant to respond with a problem solution where the use of both the Cerebellum and the Neo-cortex work in sync.

We may be stressed from a traumatic experience, or a place we visited, or a person who makes us feel uneasy. At the end of the day, it is us that choose to feel this way. These choices we have made in our deep inner subconscious mind as we create our inner beliefs. Stress is a general word to describe emotions such as Anxiety and worry. These emotions are all intertwined.

Sometimes Trauma, Stress and PTSD is a beneficial response because it prepares the mind and body to respond to a change in the environment. However, in extreme cases, stress can be experienced over a long period of time which can have a negative influence on our mind and body. It can cause extreme illness in our bodies and can lead to some mental illnesses.

Limiting belief systems

Hypnotherapy for Trauma, Stress and PTSD is an effective way to quickly change your response to stress. Moving the client to that initial stress response and working through reframing this belief is how we overcome the feeling state. Once we change our beliefs, we can then change how we choose to feel. The subconscious mind is our protector, so in therapy, we can ask the subconscious to find new ways to comfort and protect us.

There are a number of treatments that are available for Trauma, Stress and PTSD. Hypnotherapy can be used with other therapies such as Psychology, Counselling, and Psychiatry. But always consult your doctor and ask if Hypnotherapy is safe to experience with other treatments and medications. There are many self-help relaxation techniques you can use but until you go to the cause of the problem, the feelings associated with the trauma may return. That is where Clinical Hypnotherapy can help.

Healing the Inner Child Therapy

Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy is offered here in this Sydney clinic. A child can experience great trauma from childhood where deep Post Traumatic Stress has developed over many years of untreated Trauma, Stress and PTSD. Hypnotherapy, suggestion, and regression therapy are used to create a landscape for self-healing. As we begin the process of Inner child healing, we tap into feeling states we may have experienced in our younger years by changing negative patterns and clearing emotional blockages. We can release deep anger, rage, guilt, and painful wounds that exist deep in our unconscious mind. 

There are many ways to do this and the therapy depends on the situation. We must touch the hand of the child with a sense of understanding using deep mindfulness and relaxation. Mindfulness is the process of being more aware of what the child is experiencing, offering the child a hand of understanding, the hand of your adult wisdom. Once the adult wisdom of understanding begins the process of kindness and compassion towards the child, the child will feel a sense of security so it can let go of the pain and anger held deep in the shadows of their mind. The unconscious defense mechanisms suppress these feelings in order to protect the welfare of the individual, in other words, the child aspect of the self will always go with what is familiar rather than do something outside of its comfort zone. Then the child’s growth hasn’t developed properly. Think of the child as a part of your whole, a little like a patch of grass that has not grown lush and green from lack of sun and nurture.

Once we move down into the unconscious mind with love and care, as a loving parent ego, we can then allow the unconscious to let go of the grip it holds for protection. Once this happens, the child’s ego and the adult person can then communicate with each other, allowing the process of resolution and integration as one being. Once this integration process is completed, we also integrate the wonder and beauty of the child back into adult awareness. Think of it as trading. The adult parent self is offering its wisdom as the child, eventually will offer is a playfulness, magic, and joy to the adult self.

As we begin the release of painful feelings and experiences in childhood, we can then re-learn to honor that child we once were in order to love the wise adult self in the present. Before this happens, we need to release the emotional energies of pain we carry and return that joy of childhood back into the present adult awareness.

Here are some things you can work on to help with eliminating stress:

– Quality sleep
– Exercise
– Relaxation
– Deep breathing work
– Healthy eating
– Yoga
– Meditation
– Reiki Healing (Offered here at Awareness Healing. See below)

Reiki Energy Healing

I also offer Reiki Healing for energy release and balancing for illness and disease. You can visit my Reiki Energy Healing page here:

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

For the duty of care for my clients, I need to screen potential clients for mental illness before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or Reiki if you have a mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar or any other diagnosed mental illness by your Doctor, Specialist, or Psychiatrist.

If you are on Anxiety or Depression medication, you will need to get a doctor’s referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session. Not all people on medications and a referral can start the therapy. There will be a screening process before we proceed.

Deposit to book your session

No session can be booked without a payment of $280 and deposited into the below bank account. Without the transferred deposit, the sessions are not secured and will be offered to another person. If you need to reschedule or cancel your sessions and fail to give the practitioner more than 24 hours’ notice before your appointment, the deposit will be withheld to cover the costs. If you give proper notice, the deposit will go towards your last 2 sessions OR will be deposited back into your nominated account.

Please transfer the deposit into the following Bank Account:

Name: Dean Galati
BSB: 062 770
Account Number: 1019 1105

Duration and Payment of sessions

For effective results, a minimum of 6 sessions is required. One week in between each session. No session can be booked until a phone consultation is completed.

Payment can be made as a credit card transaction at the session. All payments have a 1.9% transaction fee. Alternatively, you can bring cash to the session.

For Rates, please visit

Rescheduling Policy

Out of respect for the Practitioners’ time, please give the practitioner 24 hours’ notice when needing to reschedule your session. If the session is rescheduled in less than 24 hours, the deposit of $280 will be used up to pay for the time slot.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel the session, please give the practitioner at least 24 hours’ notice. If the session is canceled or you have not turned up to the session, the deposit of $140 will be withheld for that session. At the end of each day, time is very valuable. Therapy businesses are always busy and time slots can be very valuable. Respecting the time of a therapist is greatly appreciated. If you can’t make it, just let us know more than 4824hours before the session with an SMS.

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