Counselling is essential during times of trouble, hardship and struggles. 

During the COVID19 Lockdowns, there have been many cases of domestic violence, stress and great hardship during these isolating times. People cannot just be cooped up in one space for too long. Not to mention the financial stresses of not being able to work during forced lockdowns from the Government.

Here are Awareness Healing, we can help with offering a shoulder of support. Through Counselling and Hypnosis, we can help you resolve some conflicts and issues and help you find better coping skills to deal with these hard times.

If you are interested in Counselling or Hypnosis therapy, you can have ONLINE or FACE TO FACE sessions. It is totally safe to come to the clinic, as long as we all follow the guidelines. As long as we wear our masks and social distance, all face to face therapy can continue.

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