Mindfulness and Relaxation in Sydney

Learn how to by pass the critical conscious mind for effective Hypnotherapy

  • Need some help with learning to quieten the conscious mind?
  • Would you like to learn how to relax the mind?
  • Would you like to prepare yourself for deeper Hypnosis Therapy?
  • Would you like to master the ability to manage anxiety and stress?


What is Mindfulness?

This Mindfulness and Relaxation therapy is a preparation for people who want to use Hypnotherapy, Reiki, or Past Life Regression to clear unwanted issues. This therapy will give you the tools to better experience a peaceful relaxed state, enabling you to effectively heal the self. This therapy is used in harmony with my therapies as preparation for further healing work.

Mindfulness and Relaxation in our Sydney clinic can help with bringing bliss and joy back into your life. Mindfulness and Relaxation is a hot topic in Western Psychology. This therapy is an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence, and effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings. It is the process of being able to focus on what you choose to focus on, and focusing on quieting the mind just like in meditation. The difference between Mindfulness and Meditation is that in Mindfulness, we are focusing on the present and enjoying just being in that moment, even with our eyes open and in a conscious state. As you learn to let go of invading thoughts without judgment, you are then able to train the mind to focus on what you choice to focus on.

Applying Mindfulness into our lives

Meditation is the balance of mindfulness and relaxation. Buddhist Meta meditation is very effective as it allows the cultivation of compassion to others and yourself. As we observe others and other people’s motivations, we can see that we are all doing our best to deal with life as it unfolds for us. Ethics and motivations are both acknowledged when we do the things we do, which allows us to understand that we are all feeling the same emotions and experiences, but just dealing with them in different ways.

The universe is flowing with constant change. The idea that we are still and fixed in our identity does not fit with the natural flow of reality. This can cause great suffering and attachment to things that are not rooted in reality. Deep craving leads to attachment and suffering. The idea is to flow with the natural order of the universe, allowing the feeling of “drifting like a feather in the wind”, or a “leaf running down a river”. This is called ‘Conditionality’. This concept is beautiful Buddhist teaching which has been understood since 2500 BC when the Buddha became enlightened.

Enlightenment is the process of seeing the illusion and healing these aspects of ourselves in harmony with universal truths and laws, aligning with nature and its laws. Nature doesn’t change for us. We are the ones who need to be in harmony with it. By taking a walk in a relaxing park on a beautiful sunny day, you can enjoy the sounds of the birds singing; or as you breathe the fresh clean air of a pleasant spring morning. Or you may just enjoy eating your favourite meal with a loved one. Just being present is so rewarding.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

  • Focus
  • Self-care
  • Self-connection
  • Life purpose
  • Mind, Body, and Soul signals
  • Meditation
  • Awareness of Stress in the body
  • Visualisation
  • Developing Intuition
  • Personal growth
  • Gain clarity, insights, and inspiration
  • Diaphragm Deep breathing

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We are not our thoughts

When our mind is invaded by negative thoughts, it’s important to see the illusion of how, when, where, and why these thoughts came about. Meditation is not about blanking out the mind of thoughts. It is about observing without judgment and nurturing our inner mind with compassion. Meditation is the contemplation of these deeper thoughts, enabling the simple truths and realisations to shine through. Sometimes our thoughts can deceive us and sometimes our thoughts are actually not our own. Meditation is about exploring our true divine self and shining that true authentic self from within, outwards, just like a shining light. Being relaxed and mindfully aware means that these realisations will shine through with clarity, which otherwise would not be realised when we are stressed and unable to contemplate them.

Calming and balancing the mind

It can also apply when you are studying for an exam. If you are worried about passing an exam, you are then in the future filled with anxiety. If you are in the present, you become aware of what you need to focus on, in order to pass the exam. Relaxation in the present moment helps with clarity allowing you to absorb things into your mind and body. It is the energy that we can bring into our being. This is how we can change our energy by being more receptive and open, bringing present awareness of relaxation, peace, and enjoyment in our lives.

Although Mindfulness,Relaxation and Meditation have only recently been embraced by Western Psychology, it is an ancient practice found in a wide range of Eastern philosophies, including Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, and Hinduism. Mindfulness is about waking up, connecting with ourselves, and appreciating the fullness of each moment of life. Kabat-Zinn calls it, ‘The art of conscious living’. The aim is to be completely relaxed to a point that you are almost asleep yet you are still completely awake and mindful of the present. It takes practice, but once you get it, it’s very easy.

Mindfulness and Meditation is now a powerful tool for enhancing psychological health. There is now much mainstream evidence to show that Mindfulness is very effective. It is now clinically proven in a wide range of clinical disorders including depression, chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

Mindfulness and Relaxation helps you

  • to be fully present, here and now
  • to experience negative thoughts and feelings safely
  • to become aware of what you’re avoiding
  • to become more connected to yourself, to others, and to the world around you– to increase self-awareness
  • to understand deep limiting beliefs are illusory
  • to become less disturbed by and less reactive to unpleasant experiences
  • to learn the distinction between you and your thoughts
  • to have more direct contact with the world, rather than living through your thoughts
  • to learn that everything changes; that thoughts and feelings come and go like the weather
  • to have more balance, less emotional volatility
  • to experience more calmness and peacefulness
  • to develop self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Our ancestors understood the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation

In this therapy here in our Sydney Clinic, we will cover all areas of meditation. There are a number of ways to meditate. You can use your own way or you can adopt an eastern style (Buddhist) or many other styles. In this therapy, you will learn how to firstly use mindfulness as a way to focus more on the present now. Allowing unwanted and limiting thoughts to pass by, just by observing them rather than let them take hold. You can find great joy in being in the present, as you observe feelings and thoughts that move through your awareness. As we do observe, questions can be asked as the higher mind can process and reason deeper understandings into the forefront of our awareness (conscious mind).

You will learn how to visualise positivity into your life, use suggestive hypnosis, and learn all the disciplines on soul exploration. Using many tools such as books, training, and meditation, you will begin opening your mind, opening your heart space to draw and attract positivity into your life in so many ways.

How we use our body for relaxation

With Mindfulness and Meditation and the right mindset, you can change just about any issue you have in life. The heart is not just an organ that pumps blood to your organs in the body, it is also a receiver. It is an electromagnetic organ that exists as a central unit for the soul to exist in our body. It has amazing responsive capabilities on a quantum level. You have probably heard when people say, “Go with your heart”, or “Don’t think too much about it”. The mind can be very deceptive but the heart always knows the truth and always gives you the answers to everything. This does not mean we do not need to use our mind, it just means it’s important to connect with the central part of our being (soul) and pay attention to it just like our thoughts. The heart is more like a feeling and emotional centre. “The home is where the heart is”. Remember this saying? It is just one of many. The heart is our magical friend. Like a GPS, the heart tells us all our truths about ourselves and our environment, enabling us to navigate through life with joy, bliss, and clarity.

Understanding Mindfulness Video

A reminder before your sessions

  • Please wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please make sure you leave plenty of time available for the session.
  • Be clear about what you would like to be assisted with, what you would like to achieve. What is going to be the main focus of your session?
  • Eat well, but light before you come in.
  • The night before and the day of your session please avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulating substances.

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

For the duty of care for my clients, I need to screen potential clients for mental illness before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or Reiki if you have a mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar or any other diagnosed mental illness by your Doctor, Specialist, or Psychiatrist.

If you are on Anxiety or Depression medication, you will need to get a doctor’s referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session. Not all people on medications and a referral can start the therapy. There will be a screening process before we proceed.

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