Past Life Regression Therapy in Sydney

This therapy is facilitated by the ‘Brian Weiss’ and ‘Michael Newton’ Method

  • Would you like to resolve the root causes of your current life issues?
  • Why am I here? Who am I?
  • Is there life after death and beyond?
  • Re-discovering your connection with your higher self?
  • Why am I repeating the same cycles of suffering?
  • What is my Karma and how do I resolve it?
  • Am I able to release from the physical world and return back home after death?
  • Can I explore aspects of my multi-dimensional self through other lives?

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression involves the use of hypnotherapy regression, energetic healing and suggestion therapy to shift negative beliefs from past life experiences. These beliefs can then create feelings of limitation and blockages stored in our body, mind and energy body which can then manifest disease in the physical body. We are a beautiful, powerful, eternal spiritual being who has courageously decided to have a life on many dimensions to grow, expand and evolve as a spiritual being. Think of the physical human dimension as a mirror to the soul. It mirrors lessons, suffering and limitations back to the soul so it can better understand what an experience really feels like. Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely powerful and helps us to live in the moment in multiple ways. For instance, it can eliminate fears, deep phobias and blockages that are holding us back; heal symptoms of pain or provide us with an insight into patterns we may repeatedly experience in our relationships. This type of therapy can also assist and improve our spiritual growth allowing us to evolve beyond the physical planes of existence.

The fear of death

The primary benefit of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy allows us to eliminate the fear of death, allowing us to accept our inevitable physical death of ourselves and loved ones and continue to live without any fear. Some people will visit a past life or they may access the spiritual realm between incarnations on earth. The higher self will go where it needs to go to assist you in your journey. The higher self will only show you what you need at any given time. We don’t feed a baby a three-course meal. Sometimes we may not be ready to see what the higher self can show us. It really is about the level of consciousness we have reached in our lives. Before exploring your past lives, you can learn why you selected your current body. You can also begin to understand what you have brought with you from the other side of this life. You begin to realise where your patterns and limitations in your current life may come from. This bridges you instantly to the relevant past life experience that is most relevant and influential to your current life.

Physical symptoms 

Many people may have physical ailments they are wanting to heal and resolve. When they move into a past life, they may discover where the medical issues originate from. When people move to the point of death, it sometimes sheds light on physical pain in their body or illness. The client may have died suddenly in their past life or were physically traumatised at death. Sometimes we carry this with us as we may not have had time to come to terms with the trauma, or there may have been unfinished business to work out.

Once people explore the origins of these traumas, they can then learn to unlearn the trauma, resolve, forgive, and let it go. After the point of death, the client is given some time to reflect, analyse, and release the imprint of the trauma so the current life is freed from the circumstances. What is retained is the learning of the experience as wisdom. Think of flicking through a book of all your lives and the book is called your ‘Higher Self’. The process of healing is about jumping out of the book and storing this book in a place where you can reference the contents of the book. You then have access to the lessons learned in these past lives without feeling the pain and trauma of the experiences. Essentially it’s about learning from the experiences, forgiving others, forgiving yourself and letting it all go.

Once we visit these past lives and deeply rooted limiting beliefs, we are then able to transform how we feel bringing vitality and well-being into our lives. As we move through a state of negativity we don’t want, we can effectively shift and transform energy with wisdom and new perspectives in the present. This process can help you uncover the very core issues you may be experiencing as challenges and patterns of behaviour within your current life, helping you to access deep healing and release.

Belief Systems

Through gentle hypnosis, you can learn new ways to heal unwanted issues such as habits, phobias, fear, anxiety, and depression to gain a better understanding of how old patterns can limit us. Once we understand what it is that limits us, we can find new resourceful ways to eliminate these imprints in our body, mind, and energy field and replace it with something healing and positive. Sometimes our belief structures have created these patterns within our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical body in previous incarnations. So it’s about re-framing these beliefs, enabling us to change our state or how we feel about them.

In essence, we bring clean universal energy to re-calibrate our energy field to transmute negative beliefs created in the physical incarnation and re-calibrate back to God’s source energy. Sometimes we have lost fragments of our soul in any incarnation, and the goal is to re-integrate it back into the Higher Self again for healing, reframing, and touching it with love and wisdom. This is called the integration process, allowing the spiritual being to become whole again. These soul fragments are returned to you so you can heal them and your spiritual self then becomes complete again.

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime.”
― Alex Collier

The Karmic Wheel of Suffering

Past Life Regression is the process of exploring multiple lives on many dimensions and realities to understand where our limitations, karma or inner characteristics originate from. When we re-incarnate, we enter back through the light of the absolute. This is where the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ links us back to this Physical earthly dimension in order to purify our soul for learning, release, and letting go of attachments, desires, and obsessions. Consider the earthly dimension as a contamination of the spirit as the soul has fallen into this dimension from the higher spiritual dimensions. I like to think of Earth as a boot camp school. We actually have all come from a spiritual life between human lives and have fallen back down to have experiences in this denser dimension.


We move through this cycle to clean, learn, and purify our energetic souls to live a more moderate and spiritual existence rather than a materialistic and indulgent existence. Once we release from attachment, we can then move back to the higher planes beyond the light into realms where our soul can explore alternative realities. Some ancient schools of thought believe that beyond the light is the black light which is where the higher dimensions can be explored after the soul has purified itself. Some souls can release all attachments to the physical plane but still choose to re-incarnate on the earthly plane to assist others in the healing arts on the earthly plane.

Beyond the light

Beyond the light, we can then move out of the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ and join the ‘God Prime Creator’ again, unconditioned reality. When escaping the Wheel of Re-incarnation, souls can become of service to others, or the soul may become an inactive soul and decide to return back to ‘Godhead’ and lose their individual identity. Some souls release from this plane and decide to move out of the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ and exist in the higher spiritual planes and assist souls on the earth. They call these souls ‘Spirit Guides’ who might assist family, soul groups, or ancestors who are having a challenging time on the earthly plane.

Karma is not about punishment like the religions of the world have led us to believe. Karma is about the process of learning, evolving, responsibility, and living out the consequences of our actions. What we put in we always get back. And that is the cause and effect principle of the esoteric natural laws of our universal reality. Quantum Physics postulates that there are infinite potentials and what we choose has an effect on our environmental reality. Quantum Physics is a big topic so covering the mechanics will take pages of information. What I discover with my clients is that when I asked why they didn’t go to a past life, they usually say that they weren’t ready to resolve their Karma. Some of them said it wasn’t necessary because they already knew what they needed to do in their current life. The superconscious mind (causal body-mind ) can reveal to us what needs to be done with crystal clear clarity. This is where people then focus on their present life, the present NOW. The irony of Past Life Regression is that it is always about the now, not the past.

What happens in a Past Life Regression?

Everyone can be hypnotised and induced into relaxation. Hypnosis is just intentional focus. Hypnotherapy trance is a state we enter every day when we focus our attention. This state is still a mystery to scientists but in this state, we can safely access our unconscious mind very easily. Hypnotherapy isn’t magic where you’re treated by Hypnosis, you are actually treated in Hypnosis. Deep relaxation is needed for this experience to be effective. In this state, you will feel safe and calm as you access various levels of consciousness in the ‘Theta’ brain wave state, where the unconscious mind is accessed and stores your current life challenges. These states of awareness will help you to resolve patterns and remaining fragments from a past life. Once we go deeper, we access the superconscious mind (causal body), where we then access the Past Life memories via the unconscious mind.

The feeling state is our compass

Our past lives hold feeling states, beliefs and emotions associated with an experience. The therapy isn’t about the content of memory, but rather about tapping into the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings states that we need to reframe and clear. Past Life Regression Therapy at our Sydney clinic can help you to discover what specific feelings states are connected to certain behaviours in your current life, which can impact us negatively. By being aware of these states, you will be able to better understand these emotions and release them. The question will be asked, “What can I do differently in this life?”. Or “What is different in this life?”. Once we see the differences, the beliefs begin to reframe themselves into a more realistic manner aligned within the person’s true inner authentic self in the present. This is done the same way in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The belief is that our soul re-experiences many lives on this planet, other planets, and other realities in order to perfect itself. We can also have thousands of past lives on other planets and other multi-dimensional realities beyond what we perceive. As each soul re-incarnates, the process of purification takes place as we return back to reincarnate as different roles, with the same souls in many lives over many centuries. For the soul to truly understand all aspects, it needs to incarnate as different races, cultures, and gender to really understand what it means to be alive and to better understand all perspectives of experience.

As we incarnate as different personalities in many lives, we are sharing our soul’s qualities in a collective way. All souls have different characteristics and the sharing process allows us to experience life so we can better understand each other. As we share these incarnations with other souls, we begin to see that it isn’t about karmic punishment, but rather about learning to feel what others are feeling and living in harmony within our universe.

“O son, how many bodies have we to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we hasten to the One alone” – Hermes Trismegistus.

The nature of reality

Past, present and future are existing at the same time. It’s very hard to comprehend this concept. So if time is an illusion, all things can be reached in non-local time. If you were to call someone in London from Australia and there is six hours difference, when you speak to them, there is no time delay of six hours. You are actually speaking to them in real-time. How we access all timelines is the same concept. All past and future probabilities are happening now, and existing now.

Life on earth in our material reality known as time and space is an illusion. Think of your life as a play and you are creating the script. We find the characters to perform in our play. The mind is very powerful and can create whatever it feels it needs for expansion. Essentially, life is about creating meaning as we choose what happens in our lives through the choice of free will. So what meaning will you create in your life so the conditions are just right for cultivating opportunities of learning?

Everything in our universe is energy. There are infinite Parallel universes that are created from choices that we have not followed through yet. We are like actors in a play and our friends and family are other actors in our play. Creativity within our mind manifests our choices and decisions that determine our life and the consequences associated with them. When we do make a choice, we create a pathway for our life experience. All of our other alternative choices can also create different paths or crossroads that fork out infinitely. We can only focus on the decision we make in the present moment. Our choices create Parallel versions of you in infinite paths, forking out into other realities. It’s about taking responsibility for our own actions. Once this realisation is acknowledged, we can then clear the consequences of our own actions (karmic-activity). Our multidimensional self could be existing in parallel realities. The question is, are we integrating all these alternative realities  to best evolve, create and manifest.

Alternative Realities

We are only aware of the incarnation we are living in now. As human beings, we only experience with our five senses and can only focus through these senses. This makes it hard to know all realities. DMT, meditation, and reflection can open this part of the mind, enabling us to see these other realities (sixth sense). As quantum physics explains, we create our reality when we focus our awareness in every present moment and can only create one reality in the present moment. This is why we can only experience one path of reality at a time through the tunnelled vision of our senses. By integrating the multiverse, we have more choices and in the end, make that better choice now in the present.

There are infinite dimensions that we move in and out of every second. We live in a holographic universe, mainstream science claiming that everything is energy. Matter and atoms creating our material universe are mostly empty space. So the nature of our material universe isn’t as material as we perceive. So when we make choices with our consciousness, we create or change our reality. Matter is just a slower vibrational state compared to spiritual realities.

When we reincarnate, we come into our lives with a plan, a mission, or specifically to learn a particular lesson. So can you imagine if every soul comes into life with a set plan, what we come to realise is that we are all coming from soul groups who sometimes share the same mission? However, some plans do not unfold because some of the plans may conflict with other people’s plans. The plans can also be influenced by free will and the choices we make. Sometimes we may want to support loved ones and in effect, the plans we came here to unfold may be slightly altered. As we live our lives, sometimes we make other choices that alter the plan we came here to explore. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t learned anything, it just means that we have surprisingly discovered something about ourselves that we didn’t know previously.

Connecting with the Higher Self

The higher self is the spiritual counterpart of who you are. Think of you in all of your incarnations as facets of a crystal. All the shining sides of the crystal are your past lives in all the dimensions. And the whole crystal is your higher self. The Higher Self (over-soul) has fragmented its energy into many incarnations on many dimensions, Parallel realities, other planets, and higher spiritual realities. We can also have incarnations as plants, rocks, air, and oceans. We are actually a small spark of our higher self. The higher self then splits into small sparks and incarnates into various living organisms in the universe. So we are the same quality of God but not the quantity of God. All energy in the universe belongs to God as it was created by God from its conception. The aim of life here in the physical world is to re-establish our connection to ‘all that is’ so we can return back to our creator. This is established by purifying our minds and living a more spiritual life, in line with God’s nature. It is essential that we connect to the source of where we came from. This is quite hard to achieve in the physical world with all our earth’s materialistic pleasures. The material existence has fragmented and separated itself outwards from the Big Bang, and we are all trying to merge back to the central point of where the Bang originated from. It is about returning home again.

Spiritual Guides or Deceased Loved Ones on the other side

When we do pass on, we are always greeted by guides or deceased loved ones. We are never alone on the other side. When we pass on, most people have experienced seeing the most beautiful bright light. But our eyes do not hurt to look at it. Within this light, people feel this profound presence of God, with loving energy so powerful that most people can not describe it with words. When we do enter the spiritual realm after death, we all experience a ‘Life Review’ where we see all our experiences and how we affected others in the life we just lived. We get to understand how we affected others through our actions and intentions, allowing us to feel what other people felt.

Our Spiritual Guides will help us see aspects of our lives, so we can better understand how well we learned the lessons we set out to learn in an incarnation. When this review is processed, the soul can then move to places of healing. This place is called ‘Middle Astral’. In this plane, we can heal the contaminated soul from the physical plane so we can then re-incarnate again in the physical dimensions. In the higher astral planes, there are magnificent libraries and universities where souls can learn about absolutely anything you chose to learn. This is what some people may describe as the Akashic Records. Spirit Guide can be deceased loved ones, ancestors, or inter-galactic soul families who have been assigned to assist you at birth. Some guides move on as other Spirit Guides move in to help, depending on the level of difficulties you’re dealing with in any given stage of your life. Some Spiritual Guides may come in to deal with complex issues you may have and can be an expert in that particular field or area of your life. We can have up to four guides at any given time.

Contracts with other souls

Before we incarnate on the other side, we select the body and family we incarnate with. Most circumstances are planned on the other side but our lives can be altered by choices and activity in the incarnate life. Sometimes we have re-incarnated with the same souls and family groups because we haven’t learned the lessons we set out to learn. The learning happens in physical life through hands-on experience. We can accumulate Karma through our living activities so we need to repeat the same lessons again. The next time you incarnate, you may be a different character than the last life. In your past life, you may have been the son of a mother. In the next life, the roles may be reversed. It’s really about understanding different perspectives and incarnating as different sexes, races, cultures in different societies.

We all have contracts with particular souls to learn from each other. Sometimes we learn lessons from those incarnations and sometimes the other soul may not be getting the lesson you have already learned. If this is the case, contracts can be completed with that soul and you can move forward to other lessons and adventures. The lessons of Karma are always resolved in the physical dimensions as an incarnate. So resolving your Karma now is very important in moving forward and spiritually evolving. We don’t want to spin the wheel of karma for eternity over the same lesson. We all eventually evolve and return back to God but some souls take a little longer. Once we raise our awareness and vibration, we literally tune into higher dimensional realities and interact with being that collectively share those spaces.

Planning a life on the other side

Before an incarnation on the other side, our soul will plan the life from beginning to end. The soul sits with Spiritual Guides on the other side and will go through a body and family selection process. The guide will give the soul the best advice for spiritual expansion. The soul also has a desire to learn something it hasn’t quite explored yet. The Guides will advise what is beneficial for growth and what isn’t valuable for you. The Soul holds divine virtues and lessons it wishes to learn and explore. These virtues could be compassion, love, anger, service to others, and empathy. Depending on what family and genetics the incarnation hold, the soul is in some ways challenged by its selected human characteristics, and is challenged to overcome the human experience and master the virtue itself. This is the great challenge we face as human beings.

We set up many aspects of our lives in order to allow the blossoming process of learning and growth. For example, we may anticipate an accident where you were physically harmed. Or someone has done a horrible thing to you. The challenge for the person who was physically harmed in an accident may have wanted to learn how to heal him or herself so he/she could be a better healer. The setting up is profound because it’s a life long training that can not be done on the other side. In this physical dimension, we can learn these lessons very quickly. Most accidents, major events, and deep connections with others in our lives are anticipated, but not all things that happen to us are planned. About thirty percent of things that happen to us manifest out of free will and choices we make along our path. The rest is planned before birth because the probability of it happening is high.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

The process of planning is about setting up a Game plan so the soul can learn. But what about when you’re in the incarnation. Some things that happen to us in our lives can be very painful. If someone has committed a heinous crime towards you or someone harmed you in a violent manner, it’s well and good to learn things from these experiences. The suffering we experience or inflict on others can actually be set up on the other side in order to allow the process of spiritual expansion to take place. But what happens once this is done? Do we still carry the resentment with us? Yes, sometimes we do.

But the aim of this game is to release and forgive others who have harmed us. Imagine that everything is set up for learning and everything that is set up is just a game. And we are the lead actor in a play. We write the script and produce and direct our own play. We can change the script at any time as we have total creative freedom, and this is why we have free will. If we know that it was set up for spiritual expansion, eventually we see things from a whole new perspective. But sometimes we carry resentment and shame for our actions against others. This baggage needs to be resolved and released in the current life. If we carry these resentments, we are then bound by the ‘Laws of Karma’ and destined to repeat those same lessons again with the same souls. So the quicker we learn, forgive, and release those other souls, we can then move on to other lessons, dimensions, and higher planes of awareness. This earth is a very advanced school. Souls who come to earth are considered very brave, strong, and powerful spiritual beings. So own that power.

Exit plan

All souls have planned their exit plan from the physical incarnation before they incarnate between lives. It is quite strange but a person who has had a drug overdose may have planned this exit from their incarnation. A soul will come to realise that this exit plan will give them what they need to learn what their soul needs to learn. It’s not the over dose that was planned, it’s the over-coming of the death that was planned to encourage strength and growth. The point of death of an incarnation can be planned so the person can avoid unnecessary pain, or they may have completed their mission. However, not all deaths and circumstances are planned. Because we live in a free-will universe, the choices that we make can influence the events in our lives. All our choices collectively can alter the course of time and our individual lives. Essentially, our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours will affect not only our own lives but others we effect.

Soul Fragment Retrieval 

Please download this for a meditative prayer to integrate lost soul fragments. Please click to download

False Identity and beliefs we create in the physical dimension

All souls are infinite and powerful. Especially souls who have come to the Earth for challenges. Sometimes we manifest  unrealistic beliefs in our physical incarnations that do not serve us. So the aim of this therapy is to access the higher self and find out what the purpose of this life is about and re-calibrate the human personality with the infinite powerful of the spiritual Higher Self. Essentially it’s about re-integrating the spiritual counterpart which is meant to be the master of our experiences and filter its light and wisdom through the contaminated lower human self. During deep shadow work, we tame the ego and find characteristics of the ego that can help compliment the Higher Self and honour its mission for learning and expansion.

A white soul in a white room

What most spiritual healers have pondered for centuries is why do we as souls even bother coming into the physical plane. On the other side, consciousness had spit out in all directions. God said, “Go my children, and explore and bring it all back to me”. As we move through the universe to experience and learn, on the other side, we actually don’t have much to contrast or compare to. As souls, we don’t really understand the large gamut of emotions and experiences as we do here as a human being. The soul needs to have first-hand experience in the physical incarnations to truly understand the duality of all that is. Here is an analogy for you to think about. Imagine on the other side, your Higher Self is a white soul. And it exists in a white space. Would it really know itself and the full gamut of experiences? It probably wouldn’t. It doesn’t have anything to compare to. It actually can’t know itself as it has nothing to contrast too. So consider your human life as a full reflection in a mirror, mirroring emotions, colours, and experiences back to the soul. In fact, the human experience is where we truly expand and grow. So take full advantage of it and enjoy it.

Where will I go in my session?

When having spiritual regression therapy, there are no guarantees where you will end up. Once we allow and trust our higher self to take us to the origins of our issues, whether it’s in your current life, past life, or spiritual planes, we begin the process of healing. Ee don’t want to dilute the information we receive and access it in its purest form. Your higher self will lead you to where you need to go depending on what it is you’re seeking and whether you are ready to see it. So having no preconceived ideas of what you will experience is important. If we do not need to re-visit a past life, then we most definitely won’t revisit anything that would be unnecessary.

To be honest, where we go is very much out of our hands as our higher self will guide us to the origins of our concerns. This is a therapeutic process, so moving in the past unnecessarily is counterproductive therapeutically. It is always about healing in the present now and moving forward rather than lingering in the past. Instead of moving into a past life, you may visit the spiritual realms or between lives for answers. I can assure you, these experiences are just as profound as any past life experience. You can receive valuable information in the spiritual realms. And can heal physical ailments, relationship issues, and re-discover your life purpose and soul’s mission.

Sometimes we will go beyond our Past Lives into the Spiritual Realms

Lower Astral Plain

This is the earthly spiritual plane where souls have not resolved issues, accumulated over many centuries. These souls could be people like criminals, murderers, and people who may be addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are so attached to the physical experience that they actually don’t want to move into the light. Due to addictions and anger of unresolved issues here on this plain, they linger in hope of returning to their physical incarnation. What they don’t realise is that in the light is salvation and peace.

Some souls who have been indoctrinated in religions of the world may feel shamed from what they have done and have been misled to believe they will be punished. They are totally in fear of what is to come in the light. The truth of the matter is that there is no punishment by a ‘Godly’ being. The being that reflects is our own higher self. On the other side, we are shown all the people we have hurt in our lives, as we see their pain from their perspective. These souls exist in fear not realising that they can ascend and live in peace on the other side.

Middle Astral Plain

Some people may go to Past Lives and some go to the Life Between your incarnations. In these states, some people describe being inside a Healing Temple. They describe it as a place where their energetic field is dissolved of negativity. The temple can be like a Roman-domed temple where bright lights shine down over the soul being healed.

Higher Astral Plain

Some people experience the universe like a tapestry. They can see that we are all weaved into this tapestry and how we are all connected. What people begin to see is that our actions affect the whole tapestry. This tapestry is alive and holds all souls in the universe. Some people see Libraries or Temples where souls can learn. There are often guardians in the libraries and temples.

The client can go to the library for information and access the Akashic records or any information regarding their multi-Dimensional realities. You can access anything that’s ever happened and anything that will potentially happen. Along the sides of the library, there are rooms where you can stand in the centre and you can see alternative realities to explore and have played out around you. A little like the ‘Holo-deck’ rooms in ‘Star Trek’. This is a way to gain any knowledge of whatever it is you’re wanting to understand and explore. Whatever you learn in this higher dimension, it’s indirect learning. The only way to really understand first hand is to incarnate in a physical body. Think of these libraries as a place where we can be inspired to learn a craft or profession as an inquiry. The real practical learning is here on this physical plane. You learn so much more when incarnating. When we are over the other side, we can learn about love, hate, anger. But reading it isn’t as effective as living it with first-hand experience. So reincarnation means you can learn something with first-hand experience. If someone tells you how delicious a pork roll tastes and you have never eaten a pork role before, you would say “I actually don’t know first hand of how delicious a pork roll tastes like”. So I think I’ll try one myself”. Without being a human being, you will never truly know what it means to be human.

Science and Spirituality are one in the same thing. The only thing that separates them is the conflict in our own minds. Duality of Materialism and Spirituality are actually counterparts of each other. One needs the other.

Preparation before your session

People who are already familiar with Hypnosis and Past Life Regression tend to enter into this deeper hypnotic state more rapidly and are able to achieve greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. It is best to become familiar and prepare your mind with relaxation exercises first allowing you to access states from the deeper part of your mind (superconscious mind). The superconscious mind is a deeper state of consciousness, usually used in the soul states between lives.

It’s a good idea to release anything in Past Life Regression first so you can have a fresh new perspective, so you can find life purpose as you move forward. There is a process of past, present, and future. ‘Past life Regression’ is about releasing the past, ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ is about being more in the present where all you have learned is integrated and ‘Current life regression’ is moving into the future. ‘Life Between Lives Soul Regression’ is also about accessing your creative mind state where you are creating Quantum future potentials not only in your current life but in future lives beyond your current incarnation. For more information on ‘Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression’, please visit

We don’t always need to revisit the past

Some people will want a Past Life Regression with no particular intention or reason. Some people may be curious about how it works or if it’s ‘real’. The superconscious mind will not show you anything unless you are ready to see it. Seeking something from a place of spiritual growth and integrity is where we want to be when exploring Past Lives. Past Life regression is not a joy ride. Although it’s called Past Life Regression, essentially we are accessing states of awareness and wisdom as we integrate these states into the present. Ironically, this therapy is about moving forward. It’s a place where we can work through things about ourselves which we haven’t resolved yet. I do not take this lightly and I always make sure my clients are doing the therapy all for the right reasons. Having a strong idea of where you want to go and what you’re seeking is very important. There is no benefit in re-experiencing a traumatic experience in a past life unless it has not been resolved, and when we are wanting to move forward with peace and harmony. We can also visit empowering lives and experiences as we can then integrate these experiences into our current lives. It’s not always about visiting past trauma.

Misconceptions about Past Life Regression

The other point I would like to make is the misconception of how people will see and receive their information. Hypnotherapy is the way we experience the Alpha/Theta brain waves of unconscious mind communication. This is where we communicate with the unconscious and then into a universal superconscious mind where very deep relaxation is required. Now some people expect a full technicolor vision just as they see through their human eyes. When you have your eyes closed, you are not visualising with your human eyes anymore, you are using your mind’s eye (Third eye – Pineal Gland). Some people who have Past Life Regression can be very disappointed because they don’t see the unfolding of their past life just like they see something on a TV screen. You have to work on relaxation first before you can get into that deeply relaxed state. Then you can tune into what you’re higher self and the universe is trying to show you. There are no magic wands. You are the master and healer of your destiny and you have the power to see and change it.

Think of your brain as a radio transmitter that picks up the universe’s waveform energy moving around us, just like mobile phone signals. Quantum Physics postulates that all energy is in waveform and at the zero point field, all that will and has happened exists there. We then collapse this waveform of infinite potentialities with our focused consciousness and create the reality we experience. So in truth, we are the creator of our reality including our future because our future isn’t fixed. If it were fixed, we wouldn’t have the choice to collapse the infinite choices we are given by the nature of our universal reality. This is why we speak of God as being infinite.

Once you’re in a relaxed state, you then use imagination to decode what your superconscious mind is telling you. You can then easily communicate with it and give it new ways to behave as it then changes our patterns of beliefs and feeling states that are limiting us. The more creative you are, the more chance you can create for your unconscious mind to work with. This is how the poets of this world work through their issues. Through expression. When we move to a past life, we move towards it through the emotional feeling state we are trying to clear. Or if you’re seeking empowerment, we tap into something empowering we have experienced in our current life, however insignificant we think it might be. Eliciting states is very important.

Dr. Brian Weiss

As one of the most prominent figures in his line of work, Dr. Brian Weiss’s expertise in ‘Past Life Regression’ therapy has helped many across the world to fill their lives with positive experiences and enlightenment. Having lived multiple lives that have been separated by interludes of spiritual between lives, assists us to eliminate the fear of death, bringing us happiness and relief allowing us to be more in the present moment. Brian Weiss has written books such as ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Miracles Happen’ which are great books to read before having your first session. For more information on Brian Weiss, please visit

Dr. Michael Newton

Michael Newton is another very well respected therapist in the ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ movement. He has documented thousands of case studies where almost all of these cases, the clients experience similar regressions. Almost all of his clients see a light, are greeted by loved ones, experience a life review, and speak with their guides. He also facilitates the process of moving people through the death process of each past life and transcending them into the afterlife. This is the process of connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors, galactic families, higher self and spiritual masters.

Filling out the form sent via email before the session

A form will be emailed to you. Please follow the instructions below to filling out this form. Please print out the form, fill this form out and bring it along to the session

What questions do I ask my Higher Self?

Make sure you have some clear questions for your ‘Higher Self’. These questions need to be clear and easy for your Higher Self to understand. Keep them simple. Not too many questions. Ten questions are suffice. The Higher Self will then speak directly through you and you will be able to understand this awareness. People say after the session, this higher awareness stays with them, which is so very comforting. Think of this part of you as your higher soul self. It was and is always with you. It’s just a matter of tapping into it. In the session, you will learn to do this and take this learning with you.

A reminder before your sessions

  • Please wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please make sure you leave plenty of time available for the session.
  • Be clear about what you would like to be assisted with, what you would like to achieve. What is going to be the main focus of your session?
  • Meditation in the morning is fine or puts yourself in a calm place like going for a walk or listening to some soothing music.
  • Eat well, but light before you come in.
  • The night before and the day of your session please avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulating substances.

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

For the duty of care for my clients, I need to screen potential clients for mental illness before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or Reiki if you have a mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar or any other diagnosed mental illness by your Doctor, Specialist, or Psychiatrist.

If you are on Anxiety or Depression medication, you will need to get a doctor’s referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session. Not all people on medications and a referral can start the therapy. There will be a screening process before we proceed.

Other therapies offered

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP EMDR Therapy Counselling Therapy Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy Reiki Healing Therapy Past Life Regression Between Lives Spiritual Regression Sydney LGBTQ Therapy Mindfulness and Relaxation Trauma, Stress and PTSD

For Rates, Session Duration, Deposits and Health Fund Rebates 

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