“Dean has a very professional attitude and is extremely knowledgeable about hypnotherapy techniques to address a wide range of areas. He has a very soothing voice and a relaxed personality. I found these sessions to be very useful in reducing my current stress levels and also helpful with maintaining a lower stress level since, through the use of ongoing techniques I learned at these sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend Dean to be your hypnotherapist”.

Lynda Duncan,
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety,
Newtown, Sydney.

“Dean has a gentle, caring and reassuring manner. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. My fitness and weight loss goals are progressing really well. I’m also sleeping better, and generally feeling motivated and more positive about myself”.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss,
Zetland, Sydney.

“I had an in between lives regression with Dean about six months ago, and the process that was initiated in my session with Dean is continually growing and evolving. I felt immediately calm when I met Dean and knew that he had deep knowledge and insight about Source from a personal experience, which gave me confidence about the process. I am very happy with my hypnotherapy with Dean for many different reasons, but the one thing that I was incredibly thankful for and which I realised the crucial importance of in retrospect, was his tone of voice and manner of speaking. Dean is inquisitive and guides you along in hypnotherapy in the most gentle way. I highly recommend Dean”.

Charlotte Williams,
Life Between Lives Regression,
Blue Mountains.

“Dean is a consummate professional and warm hearted being. Despite some cynicism on my part, the PLR hypnotherapy session I was privileged to experience with Dean had a profound effect and helped with my goals of increasing motivation and productivity. I would highly recommend him to anyone”.

Sarah Hall,
Past Life Regression,
Marrickville, Sydney.

“I went to see Dean for anxiety issues that I developed as a result of daily stress and as we later discovered, I had deeper personal issues. He is understanding, listens and takes in everything that you say. He has a genuine concern for his clients and wants to help people. I regard his work very highly and have a lot of respect for him and his practices”.

Melanie Lopez,
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety,
Enfield, Sydney.

“Dean Galati is a dear friend of mine. We have known each other for many years. He is a compassionate, kind and thoughtful person who is always concerned for others. Dean has the ability to bring out the best in people, self empowering people with his knowledge and wisdom”.

Michael Langdon,
A friend,
Darlinghurst, Sydney.

“I had a Past Life Regression with Dean about 3 months ago. The insights I gained from the experience gave me an anchor during a time of transformation. Dean has such a warm and welcoming presence. Any fears I had leading into the experience were dispelled from the moment I walked into the practice. The journey you are taken on is profound and powerful so trust with the practitioner is essential. Deans open heart makes this easy to do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dean but it’s worth remembering this treatment isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to be a spiritual guru, just a willingness to believe in something more than what your eyes see in this lifetime will go a long way. For anyone who is interested but skeptical I’d recommend ‘Many Lives. Many Masters’ on Audiobook. (Whatever decision you make, it’s a great read or listen either way.) If your a vivid dreamer, have reoccurring visions or irrational phobias and would like more insights or simply looking to expand your understanding of the spiritual. Dean is a great place to start your journey. Thanks again Dean”.

Ben Hoynes,
Past Life Regression,
Central Coast, Sydney.

“I had my first past life regression experience facilitated and guided by Dean yesterday and it was a profound experience. The space Dean created was safe and welcoming, which enabled me to completely let go and be in complete ‘flow’ with the experience.
From the initial phone consultation through to the end of the actual session he was professional, full of knowledge, friendly and genuine. Post session, I have already felt a positive shift occur within me, which is the reason I wanted to do the regression. I would highly recommend Dean and his practice at Awareness Healing.
Thank you Dean for an incredible experience and I do hope to book in another session with you again later down the track”.

Renee Russo,
Past Life Regression,
Marrickville, Sydney.

“Dean Galati is a Skilled and Knowledgeable Reiki and Hypnotherapist, his methods produce steady results, in a safe environment, working through real issues. The man is a true Healer and worth seeing, if you are ready to do the self-work”.

Essie J Verrier,
Hypnotherapy for PTSD,

“What an incredible experience…
I had past life regression session over the weekend. Right from the first phone call Dean was patient, informative, open and very clear on every step- I felt very comfortable to do what is quite a vulnerable exercise. I was able to access a past life as a young man aboard a ship. To my surprise upon googling after my session everything my sub conscious spoke through me was documented.. I’ve never in my life looked into this time or place or even been aware of it. I met with family right after my session and everyone kept complimenting me on how I looked fresh and different in a good way – I felt a weight off my shoulders almost immediately which I knew but apparently it was physically apparent too! Past life regression may not be for everyone but if you have an interest or are looking for a practitioner, I highly recommend Dean. Truly life changing. He even gave me lots of personalised tools and advice to maintain my connection with my higher self. It’s been 4 days and I feel a difference and the me we discussed as a goal happening I’m excited for the upcoming months!”.

Monique Mckenzie,
Past Life Regression,

“I am writing this review to return the favour to the universe, as this has crossed my path recently and guided me to go to Dean for an experience in Past Life Regression Therapy. Dean is a gifted regress facilitator, and I felt safe and guided through the whole journey to my past life. I was at awe to find out my past life and how it carries and affected my happiness in this one. Still processing and making sense of it all, but it all explains everything that is stopping me from real happiness. I hope this will help me live better and reach my full potential and find what I am longing for in this life. Thank you Dean for providing this safe space for a truly valued experience in my self searching discovery. I don’t believe in coincidence, but if you are reading this, it means universe has guided you for some spiritual awakening, I recommend just take action and discover the meaning of your journey with help of Dean. A highly recommended experience for souls searching for expansion…”.

Sonny Jonid,
Past Life Regression,