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  • Are you needing help with life coping skills?
  • Do you need help overcoming divorce, marriage or a separation?
  • Struggling with COVID19 Lockdowns and financial struggles?
  • Would you like some help with relationships and family issues?
  • Needing help and support through grief and loss?
  • Would you like to resolve issues and challenges in your life?
  • Would you like to overcome past traumas?
  • LGBTQ Counselling Therapy

Are you needing help with relationships, grief and loss or career development?

Awareness Healing offers effective Counselling Therapy in Sydney. Here we offer a range of effective Counselling therapies helpful for relationship issues, marriage and divorce break downs, grief and loss, career development, parenting, childhood trauma and abandonment issues. Using a range of Counselling Therapy models, the therapist will listen, sympathise and help you find new coping tools and perspectives for problem-solving, exploring new strategies and resolving issues.

Here at Awareness Healing, we offer many styles of Counselling therapy ranging from Psycho-Analytical TherapyPsycho-Dynamic Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, Behavioural TherapyHypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness techniques.

What will happen in your sessions

In a Counselling session, you will have the chance to speak with a therapist about concerns of your past, anxieties of the future, relationship issues or general life challenges you are facing at this time. It’s always nice to be able to just talk to someone who is nonjudgemental. We will help you find clarity, resolve conflicts within yourself and give you coping skills to deal with your hardships. The therapy will also help you gain new perspectives on things you have failed to realise in the past.

What is Counselling?

Counselling Therapy is about finding truth and meaning within our inner world, allowing inner resources to assist in the healing process. What most people believe about ‘deep introspection’ is that we all need to practise like a devout monk to achieve a high level of awareness. Although this is partly true, all we need to do is begin our deep inner journey within our deep inner self. We access our unconscious mind through deep introspection and reflection, with the assistance of a therapist in your sessions.

Counselling Therapy is about feeling safe and comfortable to express your emotions and concerns without being judged. Within the adult self in every present moment holds all the wisdom we need for healing. You can be of any religion, culture or race to get the benefits of this Counselling therapyFor Counselling Therapy, please give us a call if you have a particular issue not listed above. Once you give us a call, we can discuss the process of Counselling, discuss if this therapy is appropriate for you and work out ways to assist in constructing a plan for change.

Marriage, divorce and separation anxiety

Anxiety and depression can be experienced when we’re having relationship issues. It may be a breakup, going through a divorce or a very hard separation. Marriage can also trigger feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Depression can set in when our expectations of marriage have not been met. If you’re experiencing emotional abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence, just know that you are not alone. We can help you overcome these issues with Counselling, and work through new strategies to overcome your challenges. So you can feel confident and empowered to move forward with positivity and certainty.

Trauma and Abandonment in children

In childhood, sometimes we can experience trauma or abandonment. We refer to these conditions as Attachment Theory. Attachment Theory is grouped in three categories. 

Anxious attachment is associated with a negative self image, where an individual seeks the approval of others, anticipating fears of rejection and abandonmentAvoidant or Ambivalence attachment is characterised by a negative image of others, a withdrawal from society with a fear of depending too much on others. Secure attachment is about long-term relationships based on trust. Where an individual has a high self-esteem, who seeks out social support, and who overly shares feelings with other people and seeks the approval from other for self esteem.

Usually as a child, the carer may have abandoned a child where the development within the child has not developed properly. The neurosis then starts to manifest as a young adult. Whatever the child is lacking in development, the person compensates by seek relationships that give them what they lack. It’s the inner paradigm of the individual that acts out as a behaviour that reflects the inner beliefs of what the outside world presents to them. This therefore creates unhealthy relationships of dependance, isolation and neediness that can be a burden on a person and their partner, friends or family members. This then can continue as a neurosis of behavioural addiction that can manifest as sex addiction, drug and alcohol addition, work addiction and many other undesirable behaviours.

Here are Awareness Healing, you are not alone. We offer safe and non-judgemental therapies that can help the person develop parts of themselves that were not developed as a young person or child. For more information about Trauma and Abandonment Hypnotherapy, please

Counselling is helpful for

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Abandonment issues
  • Divorce and Separation anxiety
  • Parenting skills
  • Internal Conflicts
  • Self esteem and Confidence
  • Bereavement, Loneliness and Divorce
  • Grief and Loss 
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Trauma and Stress
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Illness and Disease
  • Motivation
  • Anger Management
  • Gambling and addictions
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Career Development
  • Work and career issues
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Identity Issues
  • Gender identity and/or sexuality
  • LGBTQ Identity Therapy

Other Therapies we offer

Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP EMDR Therapy Counselling Therapy Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy Reiki Healing Therapy Past Life Regression Between Lives Spiritual Regression Sydney LGBTQ Therapy Mindfulness & Relaxation Trauma, Stress & PTSD

COVID19 Hardship Relief

Through COVID19 Restrictions and Lockdowns, people of all ages and cultures have bared great hardship and challenges from being shut down in their homes. Because of the lockdowns, the levels of stress and anxiety, not only with individuals but also within family units has risen substantially. The pressure of finance, business closures, broken down relationships and the disconnections to loved ones has certainly taken a toll on us all.

Through Counselling Therapy, you will have a place to express your frustrations, find practical tools to stay healthy and find ways to overcome the challenges we are facing at this time. If we pace ourselves, sometimes the journey becomes a more bearable experience. You will be helped in finding new meaning from where you are now, acceptance, tolerance, and an ability to recollect and calibrate yourself into a space where you can rebuild your life. You are not alone. We are here to help you.

LGBTQ Therapy

Gay Identity and Trauma Therapy

Here at Awareness Healing, we are very aware that the LGBTQ community is in need of support. In our Sydney clinic, we are able to work with all forms of trauma, abandonment, violence, neglect, and the development of Identity. As a gay person, you may have experienced great trauma, and the neglect of the true authentic self may have been denied of its truest essence.

In therapy, we will explore the process of developing a safe place to ‘Heal the Inner Child’, as we learn to mature this part of us through the lens of our individual humanistic qualities. This process is a slow but progressive building of confidence, self-esteem, motivation, individualism, and the healing of our child’s identity which holds the riches of joy, wonder, and creativity. For more information, please refer to

Commitment to the therapy

Counselling is a mutual and collaborative process. You and the practitioner will work together to develop goals on which you want to work on. We cannot change you but act as a facilitator. Only you can change yourself. You are responsible for making the effort to work on the problems or issues that concern you. We are committed to helping you in this process.

Counselling works best when you and your practitioner develop a strong working relationship based on mutual trust, honesty and respect. You should demonstrate a strong commitment which in time will bring you great benefits. If you are experiencing any problem relating to the practitioner, we encourage you to discuss these matters honestly and together a resolution can be made. Sometimes you and the practitioner may decide that it is best for you to meet with another practitioner.

Code of Ethics and Practice

As a therapist, we are responsible for offering the highest quality services and following the codes of conduct in line with the law. The client also has rights. The client and the therapist both deserve a space that is safe and conducive to change and healing. For more information, please click on the following link… Code of Ethics and Practice.

For Rates, Session Duration, Deposits and Health Fund Rebates 

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