Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives Regression

Practicing on the Central Coast and Sydney

Life Between Lives Regression

Journey into the Spiritual Afterlife called Home. Facilitated from the Michael Newton Method.

Facilitated in two clinics:
Ettalong Beach, Central Coast
Petersham, Sydney

• Have you ever wondered what happens between incarnations?
• Why am I here? What is my life purpose?
• What lessons are you wanting to learn in this life?
• Understanding issues with family, relationships, and health issues?
• Who is in my soul group?
• How do I resolve Karma?


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What is Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

Life Between Lives Regression Hypnotherapy is a process where you will be guided beyond birth of your current life and journey into the afterlife and connect to your immortal soul essence. The afterlife is the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body, and where our soul’s dwell between physical lifetimes. This is a place where we are connected to our Higher Self, over-soul, and soul groups beyond the physical dimension.

All people from all cultures, races, and religions can experience this profound connection with their superconscious mind through ‘Between Lives Spiritual Regression’. This experience is in reach beyond the conscious everyday mind we deal with in our awake state. In ancient traditions, aboriginal shamans speak of this world known as the ‘Dreamtime’. This dimension is beyond our five senses and yet is reached through deep relaxation and trance.

Hypnotherapy is used to tap into what spiritual teachers may describe as the higher consciousness or the universal mind, and feeling a sense of oneness and connectedness with all that is. If we have a sincere intention for spiritual growth, these energies will assist in our growth and evolution.


Our Central Coast and Sydney clinics

Ettalong Beach, Central Coast

This is my Central Coast clinic which is appointed with relaxing plants and comfortable decor. The space is very calming and provides a peaceful space for anyone who needs a safe space for healing. There is parking in front of the house for anyone who would like to drive up.

If you are catching the train to the Central Coast, I am happy to pick you up from Woy Woy station. No hassles.

Ettalong Beach is a beautiful and quaint beachside town that is very quiet and peaceful. The area provides a tranquil place for healing. It’s a beautiful place to visit for the day.

Petersham, Sydney

My Sydney clinic is located in a peaceful space near a park in Petersham, the Inner West of Sydney. The clinic is newly appointed with modern feature comforts including air conditioning, clean rooms, and comfortable chairs. The therapy spaces are beautifully peaceful and quiet.

There is plenty of parking all around the clinic. You will be welcomed by the calmness of the reception space. Petersham is very central between the north, south, east, and west of Sydney.

There are plenty of buses along Stanmore Road and a train station which is a walk away.


What to expect in the session

In this spirit realm, people access their spiritual guides, ancestors, deceased loved ones, galactic families, soul mates, soul groups, and spiritual elders, which exist in a perpetual timeless space where we visit between our earthly incarnations on earth. Through this exploration, we will expect to find life’s purpose and a better understanding of our soul contracts with people within our relationship circles. We can work through our relationships, finding meaning and purpose through our associations with other souls, enabling us to learn many deep soul-changing lessons. Through ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ on the Central Coast, we can understand our life selection process, allowing us to know why we’re here and what we set out to do before incarnating in this life.

The root causes of issues

Through ‘Life Between Lives Regression‘, this therapy can reveal the root causes of all mental and physical issues through the superconscious mind, by-passing the conscious mental state. The superconscious mind is very protective of the individual so it will always expose the information that is useful for the person in healing. Our superconscious mind understands all aspects of the person’s behaviours, beliefs, desires, past, present, and future.

Within the right hemisphere of our brain, this higher self interfaces with this part of our brain. The trick is to develop creative aspects of our brain so we can decode what the higher self is wanting to show us. When experiencing this session, ordinary time is experienced differently feeling like it is bending. Time in this realm ceases to exist linearly, compared to how we experience time in our awake conscious state.

between our reincarnation cycles

What do I experience in a Life Between Lives Regression?

Relaxation and deepening Induction

In a ‘Life Between Lives Regression’, you will first be induced into a relaxed state where the conscious faculty of the mind is bypassed. Deepening techniques are then used to deepen the relaxed state, accessing the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind psychologists refer to as the child-like mind. This is where you will then visit childhood memories or a peaceful place.

Childhood memories then into your mother’s womb

I will speak to your subconscious mind and ask it to describe what it’s experiencing. This process is like a warm-up so the practitioner can determine what sub-modalities (senses) the client is using. We then move back through the timeline of your current life, and finally land into your mother’s womb at conception, usually halfway through the pregnancy.

This is where we can access anything you have picked up from your mother and the environment you are experiencing when in the womb. We will discover worries and concerns the soul may have about being born into the world in your current life. There can be great healing in the womb. The client then moves beyond the womb into the superconscious mind for past life exploration and healing.

Accessing the superconscious soul state to explore the past life

The client is then asked to sit with their intention for the therapy and this is where the soul connects with the superconscious mind and begins to navigate into the most influential past life for exploration and healing. This is a much deeper state that needs to be developed to communicate with the higher self. It is important to have a clear intention. Eliciting the feeling state is essential for exploring the right past life. This is what we call the feeling bridge. This process makes your navigation to a past life much easier.

This higher self is where the past lives can be accessed. As the higher self is then navigating to a past life, most people move through a light tunnel and emerge into a past life. The past life is then explored like watching something on a TV screen. Some people will experience past life through the eyes of the past-life personality. Past life is an exploration and not a process of analysis. The analysis, reflection, and healing are done after the past life personality has passed on through the death point.

The ‘point of death’ in the past life

The client is then asked to explore the past life’s point of death where vivid details of how they died are revealed. You may have been injured in a war or you may have died suddenly. This can shed some important light on current life illnesses, ailments, and physical pain issues. Once we know the details, we can then move beyond the point of death and heal these conditions. Sometimes the death is so sudden that the soul doesn’t realise that it needs to move to the other side.

The soul may not have been ready to move on because it may have experienced resolved issues. As this happens, the soul energy can get trapped in the dead body and linger in this lower astral plane for long periods. So, when the soul moves to the other side, it has fragmented parts of itself left on the lower spiritual earthy planes. If there is trauma at the point of death, the client is asked what it needs to resolve before it moves on to the other side. As it collects the fragmented pieces of its soul back to the other side, the soul is integrated into the Higher Self (Oversoul) and healed in the between-lives space.

Soul fragment retrieval 

Soul fragmentation is the process when a person in their life experiences great trauma. The person then becomes dissociated from their emotions and withdraws from their external world. What happens is that the soul’s energy then leaves the body and returns to the higher self (causal body). Or the energy is taken from another person or left in the environment it was in during the traumatic event. The idea of this therapy is to call this energy back into the space of your soul’s energy body so you become integrated and whole again. This theory is shared by ancient shamanic tribes and societies of the world such as the indigenous Australians, American Indians, and the indigenous South American people.

Here is a link to a prayer that will allow the fragmentation of your soul activated. Click here to download.

Meeting your Spiritual Guides

When the soul enters the light, they feel a profound sense of love. Some may describe it as the presence of God. You are always greeted by deceased loved ones or spiritual guides on the other side. This spirit guide will assist you in the healing process and show you what you need to resolve karmically and move beyond this life for new lessons and adventures. The higher self is there with you as well and it’s you in all your facets. All your universal experiences are encapsulated within the higher self. Your higher self is essentially your higher soul.

Healing on the higher astral plane

When most souls enter the light, they pass through the middle astral. Your guides will escort you to a beautiful place of healing, where they will facilitate the healing. When this healing is completed, you will move to the appropriate plane that your energy vibration corresponds with. Most people do not go to the lower astral. This is where disembodied spirits are lingering before they enter the spiritual light. You will experience healing when passing on from the past life and transmute any negative energies you have accumulated through that incarnation.

On this plane, there are healing temples where souls can recuperate and heal the contaminated soul from their physical life. It is a heavenly place where the soul can create any experience it desires. Souls can stay here for thousands of years. They can be active or inactive. Could you imagine staying in a fabricated reality of your choice for eternity? I think that would be quite boring. So eventually the soul reincarnates to pay their Karma and continue to explore other planets, dimensions, and other realities to learn and grow.

The life review

This is where you will experience your life review with your spiritual guides. These beings have spent a long time mastering their abilities to help heal other souls. Here on Earth, the soul can become very contaminated and damaged from illness, negativity, and past life experiences. The healing is also about finally realising what you’re here to do, reflecting on the past life, healing damaged relationships, and resolving Karma. The questions you ask your Spirit Guides will be answered and the practitioner will work with your Spirit Guides to better help you resolve, clear, and dissolve Karma.

As we visualise and sense new ways to heal and release negative energy, we can dissolve it or transform it into new healing energy. We can bring this energy into our body allowing the release of negativity. This is effective for several things such as pain, anxiety, self-identity, relationships, lack of energy, motivation, and confidence. You will visit past lives, alternate lives, soul groups, multi-dimensional realities, inter-dimensional realities, and many other realities that will show signs of binding and links associated with emotional negativity. We don’t learn by forgetting or cutting connections with our past, we learn by understanding them.

Libraries of learning

Another place a soul can visit in ‘Between Lives Spiritual Regression’ is in the higher planes. This is where you can visit schools and libraries for higher learning. Souls can study any subject that has ever happened or is about to happen. Think of this place as a university of learning where the student is theoretically trained without practical experience. It is a place where souls are inspired to explore other realities of learning in the lower physical dimensions of karma and learning. Until you do the practical hands-on work in the physical incarnations, one doesn’t know what it’s all about.

In these libraries, some guardians will show the soul any subject matter, history of the universe, or any other information the soul is seeking. On the sides of the library, there are rooms where the soul is seated in the center. The soul can ask anything, and the room will project information all around the soul. The soul can see things very clearly. You may see past lives, future lives, and other dimensions where answers to the deepest issues in your current life can be answered.

Primary and secondary soul groups

The next place is where we meet our soul groups. This is where you may become acquainted with your soul family. Some will be from the Earth and some from other planets, galaxies, or other dimensions. Some of these souls may also be your family, friends, or even acquaintances. You may discover that you have made soul agreements before you incarnated with these souls. But on the earthly plane, it can sometimes be difficult to understand because of ego and separation.

When meeting your soul groups, you will re-discover the lessons you are gaining from these souls and how well you are doing in this process of learning. You can discover what influence you have on the group, what missions all the souls are sharing, and what relationships you have with them. You will also learn what level of consciousness you have developed into and what has not been learned yet. Great realisations can be explored by understanding why things happen in our relationships with other people, especially in our soul group families.

Visiting Spiritual Elders (The Wise Ones)

The Spiritual Elders are highly evolved souls beyond our highest self and soul family groups. These beings are what we would call the Ascended Masters or our Soul Ancestors. These souls are beings that have dealt with their Karma and exist in the higher planes of existence. These beings were like us once and have evolved to a very high level where they don’t need to reincarnate anymore. They have lived many lives like we have and have mastered the art of being alive. These beings have experienced thousands of lives and have evolved to a degree where they have become of service to others and are helping other spiritual beings to evolve.

Connecting with these beings, you can gain a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional self, where they can give you valuable advice on your spiritual progress and journey. The client is asked to write down a few questions to ask the Spiritual Elders, who will help to guide you in understanding why you’re here, your life purpose, and how to resolve Karmic issues and contracts.

In the spiritual realm, there is no hierarchy like there is on earth. It is all about learning and the learning process is for all souls. It’s all about what a soul chooses to learn. Through this process, we are always escorted by our Guides, as they help the process of communication between you and the Spiritual Elders. The Spiritual Elders will help with contracts, life purpose, future lives, and galactic history.

Contracts with other souls

This is where your spiritual elders can help you decide if you want to continue contracts with other souls or if you need to change them in a way that will benefit both souls involved. The elders do know and understand that you may need to complete Karmic contracts with other souls because they may believe you can learn the lessons well.

Selecting your current life body

In this part of the session, you will explore the many potential bodies of choice you had at the time before you came into your current life incarnation. Usually, the selection is described differently by different people. This is sometimes measured by the culture and conditioning the client has experienced in their current body. Most people see around three potential bodies to select but it can be up to four sometimes. In this process, you will be able to see what bodies are offered to you for your spiritual growth by your guides and spiritual masters.

When you see all the potential, you can begin to see why you chose your current body and not the other bodies. You can begin to see that you chose a particular culture, family, or status the body will be born into. And realise that the body you chose had characteristics that you needed for growth and development. The bodies you didn’t select may shed some light on what you need to learn, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what challenges you’re willing to work with as that person.

Mastering the human experience

Our challenges in life may exist because of the difficulties of the family we choose, and the culture and traditions we are born into. Sometimes we can find it hard to master the social status we’re born into. Once we realise that we chose our current body for a reason, we begin to see that our life has deeper meaning and purpose and that parts of our life were planned. Your higher self (Oversoul) has the intention to learn something, and your soul ancestors are always there to guide and assist with the right selection. The soul ancestors can only suggest and can not force you to do anything you’re not willing to do.

The spirit realms are all about free will, just like it is here on the earth. Essentially, this process is about realising that your life isn’t some random course of events. And that it’s a planned process whereby the soul is learning from. One thing to remember is that your life events are not all planned. Your death can be planned to learn, or your family can be planned but some of our events are sometimes random occurrences created by our choices. This is what Quantum Physics postulates, that our reality is created by our ability to create events through the focus of our consciousness, birthing endless potential possibilities. This brings us to this conclusion; the future is not set in stone and our path can be sidetracked and directed into many potential realities.

Re-orientation into a conscious state

This is where we will integrate all that you have learned and anchor this newfound understanding into a part of your body where you feel the change. We will experience deep breathing and visualisation to solidify the understanding of all your cells and DNA. This is very powerful and can stay with you for life. We then gently awaken you from your trance state, feeling very relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Spiritual Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

Our guides are beings that have lived as we have but have evolved to a point where they are no longer incarnate on Earth anymore. They have chosen to be a Guide to help and assist us here on earth and advance their evolutionary journey to higher planes of existence. Our guides can also be a deceased loved one or an ancient ancestor.

Usually, they are just guides for a short time before they move on to other things for their spiritual growth. Guides can be called on at any time for help and guidance. But one thing that they are always clear about is that, if you do call them, always be clear about what you want, always ask for valid help, and always be grateful for their help and insight.

You can have many guides as they can move on as others move in to help at different stages of your life. The main thing about guides is that they do not interfere with our journey and will only help when asked. These beings have experienced life as we have and are always encouraging us to empower ourselves without their interference. The universe is a free-will zone and all life throughout the cosmos has a god-given right to be sovereign and free.

our connection to others

Soul Family Groups

Soul Groups are other groups of souls who are a part of a larger collective of souls. All these souls usually have a strong connection with each other and incarnate together in families, races, close friendships, and life partners. Over many lives we can incarnate as different roles, cultures, and genders, changing roles and allowing all souls to learn from different perspectives. Soul groups can also stay within a family lineage on earth so they can be close to their other members in the same soul group. Other outside soul groups can interact offering more challenging experiences. And often that is the case. Soul groups have colours, vibrations, sounds, and names. We can access this information and connect with our soul families in the spiritual realm.

We can also communicate with galactic soul groups with beings from other planets, star systems, and many multi-dimensional realities. Some people experience being a light body and having never incarnated on this planet before. Some people may experience lives on other planets with soul groups from other solar systems from 6th and 7th-dimensional soul collectives. You may even come straight from source energy as a young soul who has never lived in a human body before. The universe is an expansive place.

The purpose of soul contracts

Soul contracts are agreements we have made with other members of our soul groups or other soul groups before we came into our earthly incarnations. We enter this world acting out the roles we agreed to participate in with other characters. What we learn from each other is set up in the spiritual realm so we can teach one another. The end game is to know what others have felt to feel compassion for others.

We can complete contracts and agreements with souls as we learn the lessons we came here to complete. Once we learn those lessons, we can complete that contract, allowing us to move forward into new and exciting endeavors. Completing contracts is not cutting ties with someone, it’s about learning what you have set up in the spiritual realm before you came here to earth. It’s a lesson, not a punishment. Once contracts are completed, the incarnated personalities can still be associated, it’s just that they have learned something from each other.

How we enrich our relationships

Completing contracts can strengthen a relationship, not end them. In the spiritual domain, the friendships we have with our soul groups are a little different from the turbulent relationships we may have on Earth. One thing to remember is that when we incarnate into a personality on earth, we are taking on the characteristics of that body, temperament, personality, ego, and the challenges that come with a physical incarnation.

The process of spiritual growth and evolution is to overcome those difficulties and master life. It’s about conquering fear and mastering the hardships of being a human being. We are all teaching each other how to do this. Spiritual beings are trying to animate the material human form to make it as powerful as its’ spiritual counterpart. With the challenges of being a human being, our spiritual aspects are strengthening the human experience, as both spirit and material marry each other in a blissful union.

Honouring contracts

Contracts aren’t always completed. Sometimes people are still working through contracts with family and friends. Over centuries, we can incarnate repeatedly, changing the roles, genders, and status, allowing us to understand as a soul group, what it’s like to be many things as a human being. Buddhist philosophers speak of the ‘Wheel of life’. They mention that we can become attached to suffering and craving, incarnating over and over to purify ourselves of those attachments. The idea is to move within the flow of life, just as the universe flows with inevitable change, as things never stay fixed. Quantum Physics contemplates these principles as being the true nature of our universal reality.

The dark side of this is that there are beings out there who wish to take advantage of other souls. Who vampire our energy for their selfish purposes. These beings live off our fear and if we succumb to their fear tactics, we are destined to repeat the cycle of reincarnation without being aware that we can move on at any time. Once we dissolve fear, we are then able to release from limitations and evolve, grow, and move beyond this matrix of the incarnation cycle.

books on reincarnation

Books to read for your reference

Brain Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters

As one of the most prominent figures in his line of work, Dr. Brian Weiss’s expertise in ‘Past Life Regression’ therapy has helped many across the world to fill their lives with positive experiences and enlightenment. Having lived multiple lives which are separated by interludes of spiritual between lives, assists us in eliminating the fear of death, bringing us happiness and relief in our present life. Brian Weiss has written books such as ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Miracles Happen’ which are great books to read before having your first session. For more information on Brian Weiss, please visit

Dr. Michael Newton

Destiny of Souls

Michael Newton is another very well-respected therapist in the ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ movement. He has documented thousands of case studies where almost all these cases, the clients experience similar regressions. Almost all his clients see a light, are greeted by loved ones, experience a life review, and speak with their guides. He also facilitates the process of moving people through the death process of each past life and transcending them into the afterlife. This is the process of connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors, galactic families, higher self, and spiritual masters.

must be filled out before session

Questions to ask your Higher Self and Spiritual Elders Form

A form will be emailed to you. Please follow the instructions below to fill out this form. Please fill out the form and email it back to us.

What are the problems and issues you want to clear?

Having a clear idea of what problems and challenges you’re facing in your current life will make it easy to explore the causal of where the challenges have manifested through Karma. The exploration of the core issues will be much easier if you’re very specific.

What is my intention for the session?

The session will be deeper and more effective if you know what you want. And being clear about what you want to clear, complete, and resolve. The intention is your unique expression so make sure you know in your heart what you want to explore and resolve. The ‘Higher Self’ will show you what you need to know if you are clear about it.

Who are the ‘Cast of Characters’ in my ‘Soul Groups’?

In this form, you will also need to make a list of people who are or have been important in your life, known as your ‘Cast of Characters’. These people could also be the members of your Primary and Secondary ‘Soul Groups’ on the other side. Think of them as your Soul Family. We learn a great deal with our family members. Please also add three descriptive words to describe what they are like.

You may have ‘Soul Contracts’ with people in your past and current lives. If you are clear about who these people are, you will be able to find out if they are members of your soul family and discover what contracts for learning you may have with them and why. Contracts can also be changed or altered but only the ‘Spiritual Elders’ can assist in this process.

What questions do I ask my ‘Spiritual Elders’?

These questions are for your ‘Spiritual Elders’. The ‘Spiritual Elders’ can assist with your current life, life purpose, and future lives. They can assist with looking at multiple potential futures, alternative lives, and inter-dimensional realities you may be experiencing. The ‘Spiritual Elders’ can help you choose and unravel your true destiny.


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