Counselling Therapy

Counselling Therapy

Practicing on the Central Coast and Sydney

Counselling Central Coast and Sydney

Facilitated ‘Online’ and ‘Face to Face’

• Do you need help with life coping skills?
• Do you need help overcoming divorce, marriage, or separation?
• Would you like some help with relationships and family issues?
• Needing help and support through grief and loss?


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How can Counselling help you?

Counselling Central Coast and Sydney offers a range of effective Counselling therapies for a range of issues. Awareness Healing can help with relationship issues, marriage and divorce breakdowns, grief and loss, career development, parenting, childhood trauma and abandonment issues. Using a range of Counselling therapy models, the therapist will listen, sympathise, and help you find new coping tools and perspectives. We will problem-solve, explore new strategies and resolve issues with you.

Here at Awareness Healing, we offer many styles of Counselling therapy ranging from Psychoanalytical Therapy, Psycho-Dynamic Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness techniques.

What will happen in your sessions

This therapy will offer you a chance to speak with a therapist about your concerns for the future. You may be dealing with relationship issues or general life challenges. It’s always nice to talk to someone who isn’t judgemental. We will help you find clarity, resolve conflicts, and offer coping skills to cope with your hardships. The therapy will also help you gain new perspectives on things you have struggled with in the past.

A deeper Counselling journey

Counselling Central Coast and Sydney is about finding truth and inner resources to assist the healing process. What most people believe about ‘deep introspection’ is that we all need to practise like a ‘devout monk’ to achieve a high level of awareness. Although this is partly true, all we need to do is begin our deep inner journey within our inner self. With the assistance of a therapist in your sessions, we will access the wisdom within the unconscious mind through deep introspection and reflection.

Getting therapy is about feeling safe and comfortable allowing you to express your emotions and concerns without being judged. Within the inner self holds all the wisdom we need for healing. You can be of any religion, culture, or race and receive the benefits of this Counselling therapy.

For Counselling Therapy, please call us for a NO OBLIGATION consultation. We can discuss the process of Counselling and create an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Marriage, divorce and separation anxiety

Anxiety and depression can be experienced when we’re having relationship issues. It may be a breakup, going through a divorce, or a hard separation. Marriage can also trigger feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Depression can set in when our expectations of marriage have not been met. If you’re experiencing emotional abuse, physical abuse, and domestic violence, just know that you are not alone. We will work through new strategies to overcome your challenges. So, you can feel confident and empowered to move forward with positivity and certainty.

Trauma and Abandonment in children

In childhood, sometimes we experience trauma or abandonment. We refer to these conditions as Attachment Theory. Attachment Theory is grouped into three categories.

Anxious attachment is associated with a negative self-image. Where an individual seeks the approval of others, anticipating fears of rejection and abandonment. Avoidant attachment is about a negative image of others. The person can withdraw from society and develop a fear of others perceived as a threat to their well-being. Secure attachment is about long-term relationships based on trust. Where an individual has high self-esteem, seeks out social support, and overly shares feelings with other people. Secure attachment seeks approval from others for self-esteem.

When a child experiences abandonment, the development within the child has not developed properly. The neurosis then starts to manifest as a young adult. Whatever the child lacks in development, the person compensates by seeking relationships that give them what they lack. The inner paradigm of the individual’s beliefs is acted out as a behaviour that reflects the outside environment.

This therefore creates unhealthy relationships of dependence, isolation and neediness that can be a burden to the individual This can be a burden on a person and their partner, friends, or family members. This can manifest as a behavioural addiction such as sex addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, and work addiction.

Awareness Healing, Counselling Central Coast offers a safe and non-judgmental space. We will endeavour to help you develop an authentic sense of self. For more information about Trauma and Abandonment Hypnotherapy, please Trauma, Stress and PTSD.

Counselling is helpful for:

Anxiety and Depression
Relationship Issues
Abandonment issues
Divorce and Separation anxiety
Parenting skills
Internal Conflicts
Self-esteem and Confidence
Bereavement, Loneliness, and Divorce
Grief and Loss
Trauma and Stress
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Phobias and Fears
Illness and Disease
Anger Management
Drug and Alcohol Issues
Workplace Wellbeing
Work and career development
Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
Identity Issues

Counselling is also facilitated online

Awareness Healing offers ONLINE sessions for Counselling Sessions. You can access the benefits of Counselling sessions while enjoying the comfort and safety of your own home. Online sessions are facilitated on GOOGLE MEET. All you need is Google for it to work. I will send you a Google Calendar email for your sessions containing a link to join the video. All you need to do is click on the link and the video conference will begin. If you have started the video before I have, wait and I will join you shortly

Please download before your session

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Our two clinics

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  • Petersham, Sydney

How do I pay for my deposit

Name: Dean Galati
Bank: Bank Australia
BSB: 313 140
Account Number: 12359060

How do I pay for my sessions

Payment can be made as a credit card transaction using Square at the session. All payments have a 1.9% transaction fee. Alternatively, you can bank transfer or bring cash to the session. 

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