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EMDR Therapy

Are you experiencing triggers from a traumatic experience? Now you can desensitise these traumas for peace and calmness.


• Are you experiencing anxiety, stress, and panic attacks?
• Are you reliving traumatic memories from the past?
• Are you dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?


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What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR Therapy on the Central Coast and Sydney is a therapy that is used with Hypnotherapy and NLP. EMDR Therapy is the process when a practitioner places the client into a light hypnotic trance and asks the client to bring the feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress to the surface. The therapist will know how to bring these states to the surface. Usually, the person starts to feel the feeling of anxiety coming over them. The client is then asked to open their eyes and the practitioner then moves their index finger from left to right, up, and down, making sure the client’s eyes are following the movement of the index finger. This is processing the trauma using brain functions to desensitise the feeling states.

are you being triggered

Do you need help with a traumatic experience that continues to affect you?

EMDR Therapy on the Central Coast and Sydney is an effective way to process and finally overcome trauma states that are triggered in certain situations. But when a fear, phobia, or an anxiety stress trigger comes up for us, it can very much negatively affect our lives. EMDR Therapy is a very easy process of three sessions where trauma or fear can be desensitised. Providing relief from the triggers that continue to make us feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and uneasy.

EMDR Therapy is very effective

Why is EMDR Therapy so effective?

This therapy is used to desensitise a trauma that has managed to stay with a person for a long time. This is because the trauma has not been properly processed at the time of the trauma. Sometimes when we are traumatised, we don’t always deal with the trauma as it happens, and we push the experience into the unconscious mind for a later date. Just because we push this trauma away, doesn’t mean it’s gone. The untreated trauma then becomes a potential threat when a trigger is experienced. The unconscious mind creates defense mechanisms for your security and well-being.


What does EMDR Therapy do?

EMDR Therapy finally allows the processing of a trauma within the unconscious mind. The fear or anxiety is purposefully there for us because it needs to keep us safe. What the process is doing is finally saying to the defense mechanisms, ‘You are safe NOW’ When we are traumatised, we sometimes do not rectify the issue at that time. So, in EMDR Therapy, you are finally resolving something unfinished. Think of a child being traumatised. The child sometimes does not know what happened because he/she may have been too young to understand the circumstances. When we revisit the feeling state as an adult, we can process the experience with an adult awareness, with all the wisdom and perspectives that are based on truth and calmness in the present moment.

With repetitious EMDR exercises, the fear starts to disappear, and a feeling of relief is experienced.

EMDR Therapy is helpful for

Panic attacks
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Phobias and Fears of spiders, flying, and other issues
Stress and Fears of the future
Anxiety and Depression
Childhood Traumas
Anger Management


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Over the phone, we will discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, challenges, and goals.
We will discuss your mental health status and the cost of your therapy.
We will then book your appointment.
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How do I pay for my deposit

Name: Dean Galati
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How do I pay for my sessions

Payment can be made as a credit card transaction using Square at the session. All payments have a 1.9% transaction fee. Alternatively, you can bank transfer or bring cash to the session. 

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