Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy in Sydney
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Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy is offered here in this Sydney clinic. Hypnotherapy, suggestion, and regression therapy is used to create a landscape for self-healing. As we begin the process of Inner child healing, we tap into feeling states we may have experienced in our younger years by changing negative patterns and clearing emotional blockages. We can release deep anger, rage, guilt, and painful wounds that exist deep in our unconscious mind.

In our childhood, we may experience trauma which creates multiple ego personalities, creates our programming from parental and social conditioning. This isn’t always a healthy thing. Because of this programming, we begin to abandon ourselves, our wants, desires, and dreams. We begin to lose our sense of authenticity and true nature. We can also lose our sense of boundaries where others are willing to cross. Once we begin healing that inner child, we then create that healthy boundary around us, developing a stronger sense of self and creating a path to a more empowered and enlightened self.

Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy can help create that space for yourself as you integrate that true sense of self back into your present. When dealing with trauma in childhood, we don’t have a developed mind to process complex traumas. The child hasn’t matured in a healthy way, so as the child becomes an adult, a mature level of brain activity and awareness is able to process unresolved issues trapped within the persons’ life timeline. Essentially, it is an energy that is transmuted and transformed. If you’d like to explore inner child hypnotherapy with Awareness Healing, call for a free 15-minute phone consultation on 0438 519 034.

“Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows”

Moving back to our inner true self

As a child in trauma, sometimes we suppress these experiences deep in the unconscious mind. The strange thing about it is that these hidden experiences still dictate our behaviours in our everyday interactions with friends, family, and relationships. The process of inner child hypnotherapy is about extending your adult present self out to the child self, allowing the child to feel safe and secure. Giving the child a place to heal is what needs to happen. So, reassuring the child that he or she is loved, cared for, and respected, giving the child a place too vent, beginning the process of letting go and healing.

Essentially, the adult self is taking on the parent where understanding is offered, even when the child has built walls of defense, protecting itself from a threat. The key to the action work of healing is ongoing healing even after the hypnotherapy sessions, where the child is placed somewhere within the present adult awareness in a safe place and ongoing attention and inner dialogue help the child mature and grow. In other words, there is plenty of self-help work that is needed by the client, where the client actually becomes the therapist for the child.

Nurturing the child within

There are many ways to do this and the therapy depends on the situation. We must touch the hand of the child with a sense of understanding using deep mindfulness and relaxation. Mindfulness is the process of being more aware of what the child is experiencing, offering the child a hand of understanding, the hand of your adult wisdom. Once the adult wisdom of understanding begins the process of kindness and compassion towards the child, the child will feel a sense of security so it can let go of the pain and anger held deep in the shadows of their mind.

The unconscious defense mechanisms suppress these feelings in order to protect the welfare of the individual, in other words, the child aspect of the self will always go with what is familiar rather than do something outside of its comfort zone. And the child’s growth has been retarded. Think of the child as a part of your whole, a little like a patch of grass that has not grown lush and green from lack of sun and nurture.

Once we move down into the unconscious mind with love and care, as a loving parent ego, we can then allow the unconscious to let go of the grip it holds for protection. Once this happens, the child’s ego and the adult person can then communicate with each other, allowing the process of resolution and integration as one being. Once this integration process is completed, we also integrate the wonder and beauty of the child back into the adult awareness. Think of it as a trade. The adult parent self is offering its wisdom as the child, eventually will offer its playfulness, magic, and joy to the adult self.

As we begin the release of painful feelings and experiences in childhood, we can then re-learn to honour that child we once were in order to love the wise adult self in the present. Before this happens, we need to release the emotional energies of pain we carry and return that joy of childhood back into the present adult awareness.

The Mechanics of Inner Child Healing

The first step is to strengthen the adult self with the spirit of the higher self. Guidance and creative inspiration of spirit will need to be developed through being honest and truthful with the self. Building support structures through friends, family, or any positive influences that will not judge needs to be established, experiencing the state of being strong and capable of parenting the child. The second stage is to thread to the origins of the feeling states and behaviour by exploring beliefs and thoughts. To dialogue with the child, build trust, and show the child love, support, and a space to be heard. The child may not understand what has happened to them. Explaining and reframing beliefs with truth and appropriate behaviours helps the child heal. The adult parent (your present self) will be busting the misconceptions the child has developed as a child. The child’s feeling states always develop before the child can reason cognitively, so clearing things up helps the child let go. The third stage is to then continue to support, correct, and nurture the child by maturity through a communicative understanding of what is true and challenging beliefs. Is this true… Now? The process is about maturing the child through communication and dialogue. The adult must always find the parent for the child, not the child. The child may be very petulant, spoilt, angry, and unable to reason. The adult self is responsible for correcting misconceptions and maturing the child as an adult.

The child always needs a new parental champion but always needs to be asked first when seeking the champion. It is always recommended to breaking any rules embedded in childhood. It’s ok to make a mistake. As the child is communicated with, the child needs to grieve the past losses. Sometimes the child needs to say goodbye to their parents so he/she can be reparented as this can be very hard. Strangely, the child can feel safe within the familiar trauma. The child is removed from the toxic environment where the trauma was created. The child can return back to the original parents after the healing is completed. In this process, the child needs to create boundaries with the parents. It is always a delicate balance between saying goodbye from the old parents and believing and trusting the adult self as the new parent. The child can find other people who he/she can be inspired as a champion, making sure that the child is not finding external validation from others in finding love. The idea is to direct the healing internally between the child and the adult self ensuring that the person in therapy is developing a self-love approach. Love, validation, and approval can not be found outside of the self. Before any human being can love another, the person needs to generate their own love, respect, and attractive energy from within and projecting it outwards from within.

Finally, the process is about integrating the child within the adult present time in every moment, within a place where the adult can love, mature, and nurture the child. Spending time talking to the child ten minutes a day is preferable for change. Some people prefer to write to the child. Questions to ask the child would be, “What are you wanting, feeling, needing?” Normalising the shame can help the child let go of those red light negative emotions. The spiritual self can be a witness of the healing process which can help in assuring the child that the adult is strong enough to be its parent. This higher self can watch the dialog between the child and the adult parent self. This aspect of the self can install new voices of loving and nurturing care, overriding parental shameful voices from the past. The adult parent can use tactile touch, playing, experiencing nature, visualisation, and imagination to bring the joy of the child into the present. Mindfulness or spending time alone doing nothing can be a great way to bring the joy of the child into the present. This usually happens when the child is trusting the adult parental self and is beginning to mature.

“When we’re all living in the space of the inner child, loving, honouring, respecting, and embracing its desires, we are at peace.”

Corrective Therapy

This process of Inner Child hypnotherapy is where the child is introduced to a new healing space, preferably a space they desire to be creative in. It’s important to know that when healing in this therapy, it is always good to remove the child from the space they developed their trauma or negative beliefs. Once the child is taken to a space of safety, playfulness, and creativity, the child is then introduced to the present adult parental self and other people who the child may have trusted, respected, and felt safe around. In this process, the child can explore itself with creativity, authentic expression, and maturity, in a way it couldn’t in its true historical past. Another thing to remember is that not all clients will identify a trauma from a single incident. Some people may find it difficult to pinpoint where the origin of their limitations come from. But eventually and most often, the trauma stems from childhood, where the programming took place.

Creative Unconscious mind believes the fantasy story

When in this new Inner Child healing space, the therapist will create a metaphoric story where the child can explore itself and mature. A story that can empower the child and allow free flow of expression and creativity. The unconscious aspect of the true self is creative and does not know the difference between fact or fantasy. So letting go and trusting the unconscious mind to take in the new story as real is essential. The only thing that gets in the way is the critical faculty of the analytical mind. All we need to do is command it to step aside and let the healing take place.

Nourishing the true beauty of the authentic self

Within this effective Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy in Sydney, we will visit feeling states in your childhood that bring a sense of wonder, joy, innocence, and authenticity back into your present awareness. During this therapy, the first hour is discussion moving through what it is you are wanting to clear and how you want to feel in the present. Identifying what it is you don’t want is very important. It is then mandatory to be clear about what you are seeking. A clear intention is important. As we then begin to move into the state of awareness we are seeking, we then begin the process of using our creativity to manifest what we want.

Think of it as visiting a time when you were a child. Creativity, adventure, and inquisitiveness were so easy when we were very young. When we go back to this state of awareness, we can then bring it back into the present. In this process, we will then bring the feeling state back into your body as it’s anchored into your present adult body and awareness.

The landscape of our shadow unconscious

Deep within your unconscious, this awareness is waiting to be activated. Imagine Inner Child Hypnotherapy as the key and the unconscious mind as the door. What’s behind the door is the inner authenticity of your true self. Behind that door is your true aspects of playfulness, inquisitiveness, joyfulness, compassion, and divine bliss. The second and third hour is Hypnotherapy, suggestion therapy, mindfulness, and deep relaxation. With relaxation, you will move your consciousness to a deep ‘Theta Brain wave’ state where your unconscious mind is doing its work to protect and nurture you.

Here we will move through the deep landscape of your Childhood feeling states, bridging your present adult wisdom and then marrying this with your future aspirations. Once we then move forward, we are then able to project that inner child into the future as it then begins its metamorphosis into the present. Essentially you’re bringing childhood joy into the now and your future intentions into the present now.

There is no time like the ‘NOW’. Once we say to ourselves, I want to feel this now, we are no longer stalling what we want into the future. In essence, bliss is experienced in the now and not tomorrow. This is the key to unlocking what we want.

Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy can assist with a wide range of physical and emotional issues, such as:

  • Stress
  • Loss of joy and contentment
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • The loss of life’s enthusiasm
  • Chronic Pain
  • Illness and Disease
  • Loneliness and Grief
  • Relationship problems
  • Insomnia
  • Learning issues
  • Disconnected from nature and the universe
  • Abandonment
  • Outbursts of anger

Understanding ‘Healing the Inner Child’ Video

A reminder before your sessions

  • Please wear comfortable clothes.
  • Please make sure you leave plenty of time available for the session.
  • Be clear about what you would like to be assisted with, what you would like to achieve. What is going to be the main focus of your session?
  • Meditation in the morning is fine or puts yourself in a calm place like going for a walk or listening to some soothing music.
  • Eat well, but light before you come in.
  • The night before and the day of your session please avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulating substances.

Do you suffer from Mental Illness or Depression?

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. It’s a good idea to see a doctor first before seeing a Hypnotherapist.

For the duty of care for my clients, I need to screen potential clients for mental illness before we proceed with a session. I am not able to facilitate Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or Reiki if you have a mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar or any other diagnosed mental illness by your Doctor, Specialist, or Psychiatrist.

If you are on Anxiety or Depression medication, you will need to get a doctor’s referral first before the session and bring the referral to the session. Not all people on medications and a referral can start the therapy. There will be a screening process before we proceed.

Deposit to book session

No session can be booked without a payment of $280 and deposited into the below bank account. Without the transferred deposit, the sessions are not secured and will be offered to another person. If you need to reschedule or cancel your sessions and fail to give the practitioner more than 24 hours notice before your appointment, the deposit will be withheld to cover the costs. If you give proper notice, the deposit will go towards your last 2 sessions OR will be deposited back into your nominated account.

Bank Account Details:
Name: Dean Galati
BSB: 062 770
Account Number: 1019 1105

Duration and Payment of sessions

For effective results, a minimum of 6 sessions is required. One week in between each session. No session can be booked until a phone consultation is completed.

Payment can be made as a credit card transaction at the session. All payments have a 1.9% transaction fee. Alternatively, you can bring cash to the session.

For Rates, please visit www.awarenesshealing.com.au/rates/

Rescheduling Policy

Out of respect for the Practitioners’ time, please give the practitioner 24 hours’ notice when needing to reschedule your session. If the session is rescheduled in less than 24 hours, the deposit of $140 will be used up to pay for the time slot.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel the session, please give the practitioner at least 24 hours’ notice. If the session is canceled or you have not turned up to the session, the deposit of $140 will be withheld for that session. At the end of each day, time is very valuable. Therapy businesses are always busy and time slots can be very valuable. Respecting the time of a therapist is greatly appreciated. If you can’t make it, just let us know more than 24 hours before the session with an SMS.

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