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Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Are you experiencing irregular emotions of Anger?

  • Are you overreacting in Anger?
  • Are you angry with family and friends?
  • Do you experience PTSD?
  • Have you been Traumatised as a child?
  • Are you experiencing Phobias and Fears?
  • Are you dealing with Anxiety and Depression?

Is Anger out of control in your life?

Anger Management Hypnosis in Sydney is an effective way to regulate emotional states. Anger is a part of who we are as humans but in some cases, it can become an extreme matter that interferes with how we interact with others. Hypnotherapy for Anger at our Sydney clinic helps patients to access the power of processing these underlying emotions and unresolved issues for individual empowerment.

Anger is experienced because when an individual becomes disempowered by an event or by another person’s actions, we can feel trapped and powerless. A person may feel that their power and free-will has been taken away from them. As a symptom, an individual will display behaviours of mood-altering emotions such as extreme anger, disappointment, resentment, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear, and sadness.

the process

What happens in therapy?

Through the process of Hypnotic trance, internal and external dialog is facilitated where a person will feel a sense of empowerment.  Conflicts can be resolved allowing the process of forgiveness and unresolved resolution. Sometimes a person may also feel shame when they allowed another person to take advantage of them or may have consented to a situation where they gave away their power. Boundaries are often not properly created as a child, which allows another person to violate our free will. During therapy, we will use Analytical Hypnotherapy, Regression, and Suggestion therapy to help resolve the part of you that is angry enabling a shift of perception, and allowing the voice of reason to express itself. Resulting in a resolution within the unconscious mind.

Through the process of dialog towards a perpetrator, we allow our inner dark shadow within the unconscious mind to process deeply rooted emotions and beliefs about a situation. It becomes aware of the patterns that have been reinforced over many years. This allows the part of us from years back to finally speak to whatever made us angry so we can feel a sense of justice and relief. The person in therapy will be freed from the perpetrator and the space in which these beliefs and patterns were created.

Anger needs to be processed

The part of us that is angry will see through the eyes and awareness of the person in the present (you), allowing a whole new perspective to be formed within the present moment. Once the anger has been processed, it’s about forgiving others for their deficiencies and finally forgiving ourselves for giving away our power. The adult awareness will continue to attend to the disempowered angry part that regulates the anger, giving it the love and attention, it needs. Essentially, we are giving ourselves that validation, love, and attention.

Hypnotherapy is helpful for

  • Resentment towards others
  • An injustice that’s been done towards us
  • Identifying as a victim
  • Feeling disempowered
  • Going through a divorce
  • Angry about being abused.
you're in control

Managing Anger and creating healthy boundaries?

If we have experienced co-dependent relationships as a child, healthy boundaries were not created and dysfunctional relationships with parents, siblings, and friendships through our developmental years were developed. We sometimes seek love and validation through the process of giving ourselves to others, to get approval from them.

Anger can manifest through these re-enforced behaviours over many years. We may feel that if we do not, please others, they will not approve, validate, or love us. Which makes us feel resentful towards them when they do not reciprocate. Which makes us feel trapped within a situation that we can’t escape from.


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