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Are you finding Weight Loss a challenge?

• Are you emotionally eating?
• Have you experienced trauma?
• Do you have an eating disorder?


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weight loss

Is weight loss a struggle?

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss on the Central Coast and Sydney is an effective way to eliminate the causal factors that create symptoms of food cravings. Usually, over-eating is caused by an emotion that has not been fulfilled, perhaps in childhood.

Within the subconscious mind, this mind is protective and will work its magic for the person so they feel comfortable. If someone lacks nurture in childhood, perhaps the child will eat to soothe the part of them that is hurting and needs love and nurture. Think of this as a self-nurture. The negative aspect of this is that the very eating is a negative way of nurturing the self as it gains undesirable weight for the person.

childhood trauma

Healing the causes of emotional eating

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Central Coast and Sydney clinics is an effective therapy to heal the traumas of the past. Because of trauma, the unconscious mind finds something to soothe the parts of us that need healing. Whether it’s about love, safety, nurture, attention or just being heard, sometimes in our childhood, we may not have received those essential needs. What happens within a person is that their needs are met with whatever is in front of them. The unhealthy habits do not require the dependency of people or situations that may have caused the trauma in the first place.

Food is an easy way to soothe because it can make us feel good and it fills the emptiness which may have been created through our lack or trauma in our past. The idea of therapy is to explore the cause of this emotional trauma, heal this event, and fill it with something more current that is healthier.

The neurological component of Weight Loss

The subconscious mind isn’t aware that things have moved and holds multiple choices that are healthier for you. The first step is working on belief systems within the psychological part of the person (thoughts). The emotional component is then shifted, processed, and healed. The third step is about future-pacing the person into positive choices, offering these choices as an alternative to soothe the person’s needs to become a complete and healed person.

The final stage is to work on the neurological component which usually is the strongest to shift. This is because, over time, the thoughts and emotional parts of us have created strong and reinforced neurological pathways in the brain. For change, it will require courage and WILL to repetitively recreate new states of thoughts and emotions to create the new life you desire. These new states interrupt the old pathways, break them, and create new pathways that replace these old habitual behaviors.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss Central Coast requires repetitiveness for the therapy to work. No change happens overnight. The conditioning that created the weight loss took many years to manifest. It will take just as long to lose the weight. It takes great courage, willpower, and repetitiveness for change to happen. So be strong and courageous. The therapist is undoubtedly here to assist you in getting into this state of awareness.

Hypnosis is helpful for:

• Over-eating
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Desensitising food allergies
• Emotional Eating
• Eating disorders
• Motivation to exercise
• Procrastination

EMDR Therapy
Densensitising trauma

EMDR Therapy for Trauma and Weight Loss

EMDR Therapy on the Central Coast and Sydney is an effective therapy that helps process the trauma, so you can feel free from the overwhelming defences you may have ruling your life. Extreme Trauma and PTSD can affect your ability to junction. For more information about EMDR Therapy, please visit EMDR Therapy.

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