The misconceptions of Hypnotherapy and Trance

The misconceptions of Hypnotherapy and Trance

Hypnotherapy is an ancient practice of introspective inner trance work. It is very much related to meditation.

Hypnotherapy is a practice that has been around since ancient Egypt. The ancient people of many tribes all around the world have practiced going into trance for generations. The trance process is usually used in ceremonies for the benefit of speaking with their ancestors, accessing their inner wisdom, and communing with spirit.

Hypnotherapy today has been poisoned by the trickery of stage performance which makes it very difficult for therapists to convince their clients of the effectiveness of the modality. Having been trained by the best teachers in Australia, I can assure you, that there is a measurable science to what happens to us in Hypnotic trance.

The truth of Hypnosis is that you benefit from being IN Hypnosis, not BY Hypnosis. Everyone can get the benefits of changing the landscape of the unconscious mind. The only deterrent is the access to the right hemisphere of the brain, the ability to bypass the critical faculty of the brain (Left hemisphere), and staying open and not analytical. The problem with people who resist change is mostly about the fact that they are either not ready for change, there is a secondary gain to the issues or they have not spent time reflecting on life and their issues.

The myths of Hypnosis are endless but I will attempt to touch on the main points:

  1. Only some people can be hypnotised. NOT TRUE.
    Everyone can be hypnotised but to different degrees. Depending on their brain usage, and their willingness for change.
  2. That one or two sessions can eliminate the problem. NOT TRUE.
    It takes three weeks for the trance work to take effect. And 3 months before you notice a change in your behaviors. Minimum of six sessions.
  3. If I am still in the room in a trance, I am not going deep into hypnosis and it’s not working. NOT TRUE.
    In trance, if you were extremely deep in trance and you almost fall asleep, you would be 100% unconscious and you would not hear what I am saying to you. The idea is to sit in the middle place of being asleep and mindfully aware of my words. And no analytical thoughts.
  4. I can’t stop my analytical thoughts. NOT TRUE.
    Quieting the busy mind takes practice. Once you do it repetitively for a while, you start to get the hang of it. The mind is a wild beast. The higher self is what regulates the beast.
  5. I’m not noticing anything happening when I’m in a trance. NOT TRUE.
    What is changing is within the unconscious mind. This part of the mind is like coding within a program on a computer. It’s not seen or heard of because it runs in the background. What you may feel as subtle, is working well within a place we don’t access consciously. The unconscious and conscious awake mind become integrated when hypnosis is used. Things that you are not aware of in the unconscious become awareness, consciously.

Give this a go and you will see some change. Drop me a comment when you start the journey. I am here to assist.

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