Reiki Healing is an ancient art for healing the self

Reiki Healing is an ancient art for healing the self

Reiki Healing is a Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing Method called the ‘Usui Reiki Ryoho’

Reiki Healing is very misunderstood by the Western world. Over centuries, Healing people often used their hands to heal the sick, perhaps knowing that the mind can be convinced that the issue can be healed. In modern science, we would call this the ‘Placebo Effect’. Within the study of Hypnosis and what it does to the body, the mind is the second place where the seeding of illness and trauma is created. The body always follows what the mind is thinking and processing. What the thoughts create are perceptions of our external world, and building belief systems that may not bring us contentment in our lives. The first place where all illness stems from is the spiritual mind, followed by the Mental mind.

The spiritual mind is always created from the casual mind or body which is what we would call the higher mind or superconscious mind in the new age philosophy. Within this mind, there is also the wisdom of a million past lives teaching us about what we have learned over the millennia. It is this higher wisdom that we tap into when we do Reiki, whether it’s on ourselves or in a reiki session.

When we use our hands in silent touch, we access this energy in the body that picks up the information within the auric field (our spirit) of the body.

Give this a go and you will see some change. Drop me a comment when you start the journey. I am here to assist.

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