Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Practicing on the Central Coast and Sydney

Past Life Regression Sydney and Central Coast

Past Life Regression is facilitated by the ‘Brian Weiss’ and ‘Michael Newton’ Method.

Facilitated in two clinics:
Ettalong Beach, Central Coast
Petersham, Sydney


• Would you like to resolve the root causes of your current life issues?
• Why am I here? Who am I?
• Is there life after death and beyond?
• Why am I repeating the same cycles of suffering?
• What is my Karma and how do I resolve it?
• Can I explore aspects of my multi-dimensional self?


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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression in Sydney and Central Coast involves the use of hypnotherapy regression, energetic healing, and suggestion therapy to shift negative beliefs from past life experiences. These beliefs can then create feelings of limitation and blockages stored in our body, mind, and energy field which can manifest disease in the physical body. We are a beautiful, powerful, eternal spiritual being who have courageously decided to have a life on many dimensions to grow, expand, and evolve as a spiritual being.

Past Life Regression in Sydney and Central Coast will help you explore the causes of your patterns. Think of the physical human dimension as a mirror to the soul. The human counterpart mirrors lessons, suffering, and limitations back to the soul so it can better understand what an experience feels like.

Past Life Regression Therapy in Sydney can be extremely powerful and helps us to live in the moment in multiple ways. Past Life Regression in Sydney and Central Coast can eliminate fears, deep phobias, and blockages that can hold us back; heal symptoms of pain, and provide us with an insight into patterns we may repeatedly experience in our relationships. This type of therapy can also assist and improve our spiritual growth allowing us to evolve beyond the physical planes of existence.

past life regression CLINICS

Our Central Coast and Sydney clinics

Past Life Regression

Ettalong Beach, Central Coast

This is my Central Coast clinic which is appointed with relaxing plants and comfortable decor. The space is very calming and provides a peaceful space for anyone who needs a safe space for healing. There is parking in front of the house for anyone who would like to drive up.

If you are catching the train to the Central Coast, I am happy to pick you up from Woy Woy station. No hassles.

Ettalong Beach is a beautiful and quaint beachside town that is very quiet and peaceful. The area provides a tranquil place for healing. It’s a beautiful place to visit for the day.

Petersham, Sydney

My Sydney clinic is located in a peaceful space near a park in Petersham, the Inner West of Sydney. The clinic is newly appointed with modern feature comforts including air conditioning, clean rooms, and comfortable chairs. The therapy rooms are beautifully peaceful.

There is plenty of parking all around the clinic. You will be welcomed by the calmness of the reception space. Petersham is very central between the north, south, east, and west of Sydney.

There are plenty of buses along Stanmore Road and a train station which is a walk away.

The karmic wheel of suffering

Past Life Regression and the big picture

Past Life Regression in Sydney and the Central Coast is the process of exploring multiple lives on many dimensions and realities to understand where our limitations, karma, or inner characteristics originate from. When we re-incarnate, we enter back through the light of the absolute. This is where the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ links us back to this physical earthly dimension. We purify our soul for learning, release, and letting go of attachments, desires, and obsessions.

Consider the earthly dimension as a place of learning for the spirit. The soul has fallen into this dimension from the higher spiritual dimensions. I like to think of Earth as a boot camp school. We have all come from a spiritual life between human lives and have fallen back down to have experiences in this denser dimension.

Purification of the soul

We move through these reincarnation cycles to clean, learn, and purify our energetic souls. Aiming for a more moderate and spiritual existence rather than a materialistic and indulgent existence. Once we release from attachment, we can then move back to the higher planes beyond the light into alternative realities.

Some ancient schools of thought believe that after the soul has purified itself, we explore higher dimensions beyond the black light..Some souls can release all attachments of the physical plane but still choose to reincarnate on the earthly plane to assist others in the healing arts on the earthly plane.

Souls can re-experience many lives on this planet, other planets, and other multi-dimensional realities to perfect themselves. As each soul reincarnates, the process of purification takes place. As we return to reincarnation, we inhabit different roles and familiar souls in many lives over many centuries.

For the soul to truly understand all aspects of life, it needs to incarnate as different races, cultures, and genders. Reincarnation allows us to better understand many shared perspectives with other souls. We begin to see that it isn’t about karmic punishment, but rather about learning to feel what others are feeling. Bringing us to live in harmony in our universe.

A white soul in a white room

What most spiritual healers have pondered for centuries is why ‘we’ as souls even bother coming into the physical plane. On the other side, our consciousness has fragmented so we can have many experiences in our dimension.

God said, “Go my children, and explore and bring it all back to me”. As we move through the universe to experience and learn, on the other side, we don’t have much to contrast or compare to. As a soul, it doesn’t understand the large gamut of emotions and experiences we humans experience.

The soul needs to have first-hand experience in the physical incarnations to truly understand the duality of all that is. Here is an analogy for you to think about. Imagine on the other side, that your Higher Self is a white soul, and it exists in a white space. Being a white soul, would it know itself in this white room? It probably wouldn’t.

The soul can’t know itself as it has nothing to contrast to. Consider your human life as a full mirrored reflection, mirroring emotions, colours, and experiences back to the soul. The human experience is where we truly expand and grow. So, take full advantage of it and enjoy it.

Beyond the light

Beyond the light, we can move out of the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ and join the unconditioned reality of our ‘Prime Creator’. When escaping the Wheel of Re-incarnation, souls can become of service to others, or the soul may become an inactive soul and decide to return to the ‘Godhead’ and lose their identity.

Some souls release themselves from the ‘Wheel of Karmic Expansion’ and exist in the higher spiritual planes and assist souls on the earth. They call these souls ‘Spirit Guides’ who might assist family, soul groups, or ancestors who are having a challenging time on the earthly plane.

Karma through cause and effect

Past Life Regression in Sydney and Central Coast, we will look at the laws of cause and effect. Karma is not about punishment like the religions of the world have led us to believe. Karma is about the process of learning, evolving, and responsibly living out the consequences of our actions. What we put in we always get back. And that is the cause-and-effect principle of the esoteric natural laws of our universal reality.

Quantum Physics postulates that there are infinite potentials and what we choose influences our environmental reality.

Past Life Regression and alternative realities

We are only aware of the incarnation we are living in now. As human beings, we normally experience with our five senses and can only focus through these senses. This makes it hard to know all realities. DMT, meditation, and reflection can open this ‘sixth sense’ part of us, enabling us to see other realities.

As quantum physics explains, we create our reality when we focus our awareness on every present moment and can only create one reality in the present moment. This is why we can only experience one path of reality at a time through the tunnelled vision of our senses. By integrating the multiverse, we have more choices and, in the end, manifest that better choice now in the present.

There are infinite dimensions that we move into and out of every second. We live in a holographic universe and mainstream science claims that everything is energy. Matter and atoms creating our material universe are mostly space. So, the nature of our material universe isn’t as material as we perceive. When we make choices with our consciousness, we create or change our material reality. Matter is just a slower vibrational state compared to spiritual realities.

Past Life Regression and parallel universes

Past Life Regression in Sydney and Central Coast will help you explore many ways to manifest a better life for yourself. Infinite parallel universes are spaces created from the choices we make, that we have not followed through yet. We are like actors in a play and our friends and family are other actors in our play.

Creativity within our mind manifests these choices and decisions that determine our lives and the consequences associated with them. When we do make a choice, we create a pathway for our life experience. Our choices create parallel versions of ourselves in infinite paths, forking out into other realities.

We can only focus on the decisions we make in the present moment. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions. Once this realisation is acknowledged, we can then clear the consequences of our actions (karmic activity). Our multidimensional self exists in parallel realities. The question is, “Are we integrating all these alternative realities to best evolve, create, and manifest our desired current reality”?

Our soul’s mission

When we reincarnate, we come into our lives with a plan, a mission, or specifically to learn a particular lesson. Every soul comes into life with a set plan and what we come to realise is that we are all coming from soul groups who sometimes share the same mission. However, some plans do not unfold because some of the plans may conflict with other people’s plans. The plans can also be influenced by free will and the choices we make.

Sometimes we may want to support loved ones and in effect, the plans we came here to unfold may be slightly altered. As we live our lives, sometimes we make other choices that alter the plan we came here to explore. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t learned anything; it just means that we have discovered something about ourselves that we didn’t know previously.

the afterlife

What happens after the past life regression is explored

Spirit Guides or Deceased Loved Ones

When we pass on, we are always greeted by spirit guides or deceased loved ones. We are never alone on the other side. When we pass on, most people have experienced seeing the most beautiful bright light, but our eyes do not hurt to look at it. Within this light, people feel this profound presence of God, with loving energy so powerful that most people cannot describe it with words.

Soul fragmentation retrieval in Past Life Regression

Soul fragmentation is the process when a person in their life experience great trauma. The person then becomes dissociated from their emotions and withdraws from their external world. What happens is that the soul’s energy then leaves the body and returns to the higher self (causal body). Or the energy is taken from another person or left in the environment it was in during the traumatic event. The idea of this therapy is to call this energy back into the space of your soul’s energy body so you become integrated and whole again. This theory is shared by ancient shamanic tribes and societies of the world such as the indigenous Australians, American Indians, and the indigenous South American people.

Here is a link to a prayer that will allow the fragmentation of your soul activated. Click here to download.

The life review in Past Life Regression

When we enter the spiritual realm after death, we are greeted by our spirit guides. Spirit Guide can be deceased loved ones, ancestors, or intergalactic soul families who have been assigned to assist you at birth. Some guides move on as other Spirit Guides move in to help, depending on the level of difficulties you’re dealing with at any given stage of your life. Some Spiritual Guides may come in to deal with complex issues you may have or can be an expert in that field or area of your life. We can have up to four guides at any given time.

We all experience a ‘Life Review’ when we are greeted by our Spirit Guides. We can see all our experiences and how we affected others in the life we just lived. We have an opportunity to understand how we affect others through our actions and intentions, allowing us to feel what other people feel.

Our Spiritual Guides will help us see aspects of our lives, so we can better understand how well we learned the lessons we set out to learn in an incarnation. When this review is processed, the soul can then move to places of healing. This place is called ‘Higher Astral’. In this plane, we can heal the contaminated soil from the physical plane so we can then re-incarnate again in the physical dimensions. In the higher astral planes, there are magnificent libraries and universities where souls can learn about absolutely anything we choose to learn.

Contracts with other souls

Before we incarnate on the other side, we select the body and family we incarnate with. Most circumstances are planned on the other side, but our lives can be altered by choices and activities in the incarnate life. Sometimes we have re-incarnated with the same souls and family groups because we haven’t learned the lessons, we set out to learn. The learning happens in physical life through hands-on experience. We can accumulate karma through our living activities, so we need to repeat the same lessons. The next time you incarnate, you may be a completely different character than the past life. In your past life, you may have been the son of a mother. In the next life, the roles may be reversed. It’s about understanding different perspectives and incarnating as different sexes, races, and cultures in different societies.

We all have contracts with souls so we can learn from each other. Sometimes we learn lessons from those incarnations and sometimes the other soul may not be getting the lesson you have already learned. If this is the case, contracts can be completed with that soul, and you can move forward to other lessons and adventures. The lessons of Karma are always resolved in the physical dimensions as an incarnate. So, resolving your karma now is very important in moving forward and spiritually evolving. We don’t want to spin the wheel of karma for eternity over the same lesson. We all eventually evolve and return to the creator, but some souls take a little longer. Once we raise our awareness and vibration, we tune into higher dimensional realities and interact with beings that collectively share those spaces.

Planning a life on the other side

Before an incarnation on the other side, our soul will plan some of the activities of life. The spirit guide will give the soul the best advice for spiritual expansion. The soul also has a desire to learn something it hasn’t quite explored yet. The Guides will advise what is beneficial for growth and what isn’t valuable for you. The soul holds divine virtues and lessons it wishes to learn and explore. These virtues could be compassion, love, anger, service to others, and empathy. Depending on what family and genetics the incarnation holds, the soul is challenged by its selected human characteristics and is challenged to overcome the human experience and master the virtue itself. This is the great challenge we face as human beings.

Unforeseen events in our lives

A soul may anticipate an accident where they may be physically harmed in a lifetime. Or someone may do a horrible thing to you. The challenge for the person is to learn how to overcome the experiences. The setup is profound because it’s a lifelong training that cannot be done on the other side. In this physical dimension, we can learn these lessons very quickly. Most accidents, major events, and deep connections with others in our lives are anticipated, but not all things that happen to us are planned.

About thirty percent of things that happen to us manifest out of free will and choices we make along our path. The rest is planned before birth because the probability of it happening is high, through the acknowledgment of the genetic and ancestral probabilities. The probability of these things happening could be high, so we choose these experiences so we can learn from them.

The process of planning is about setting up a game plan so the soul can learn. But what about when you’re in the incarnation? Why would I set something up to experience pain and suffering? The answer is that you didn’t plan it, you chose the probability of it happening.

The exit plan

Some souls have planned their exit plan from the physical incarnation before they incarnate between lives. It is quite strange but a person who has experienced a drug overdose may have planned this exit from their incarnation. It’s not the overdose that was planned, it’s the overcoming of the death that was planned to encourage strength and growth.

The point of death of an incarnation can be planned so the person can avoid unnecessary pain, or they may have completed their mission. However, not all deaths and circumstances are planned. Because we live in a free-will universe, the choices that we make can influence the events in our lives. All our choices collectively can alter the course of time and our individual lives. Essentially, our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours will affect not only our own lives but others we affect.

Forgiveness and letting go in Past Life Regression

Some things that happen to us in our lives can be very painful. If someone has committed a heinous crime towards you or violently harmed you, the learning of these challenges and forgiveness can be the lesson itself.

The suffering we experience or inflict on others can be set up on the other side to allow the process of spiritual expansion to take place. But what happens once this is done? Do we still carry the resentment with us? Yes, sometimes we do. But this game aims to release and forgive others who have harmed us.

But sometimes we carry resentment and shame for our actions against others. This baggage needs to be resolved and released in the current life. If we carry these resentments, we are then bound by the ‘Laws of Karma and Attraction’ and destined to repeat these same lessons with the same souls. So, the quicker we learn, forgive, and release other souls, we can then move on to other lessons, dimensions, and higher planes of awareness. Souls who come to earth are considered very brave, strong, and powerful spiritual beings. So own that power.

books on reincarnation

Past Life Regression books for your reference

Dr. Brain Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters

As one of the most prominent figures in his line of work, Dr. Brian Weiss’s expertise in ‘Past Life Regression’ therapy has helped many across the world to fill their lives with positive experiences and enlightenment. Having lived multiple lives which are separated by interludes of spiritual between lives, assists us in eliminating the fear of death, bringing us happiness and relief in our present life. Brian Weiss has written books such as ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Miracles Happen’ which are great books to read before having your first session. For more information on Brian Weiss, please visit

Dr. Michael Newton

Destiny of Souls

Michael Newton is another very well-respected therapist in the ‘Past Life Regression’ and ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ movement. He has documented thousands of case studies where almost all these cases, the clients experience similar regressions. Almost all his clients see a light, are greeted by loved ones, experience a life review, and speak with their guides. He also facilitates the process of moving people through the death process of each past life and transcending them into the afterlife. This is the process of connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors, galactic families, higher self, and spiritual masters.

must be filled out before session

Filling out the form sent via email before the session

Please follow the instructions below. A form will be emailed to you. Please fill out this form and email it back to us.

What questions do I ask my Higher Self?

Make sure you have some clear questions for your ‘Higher Self’. These questions need to be clear and easy for your Higher Self to understand. Keep them simple. Ten questions are sufficient. The Higher Self will speak directly through you and answer the questions you ask. People say after the session, this higher awareness stays with them, which is so very comforting. It’s just a matter of tapping into it. In the session, you will learn to do this and take this learning with you.


Please call to book a session

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Over the phone, we will discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, challenges, and goals.
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We will then book your appointment.
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