Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence

Practicing on the Central Coast and Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem and Confidence

Are you experiencing low self-esteem and confidence?

• Lacking self-confidence?
• Are you experiencing anxiety when Public Speaking?
• Do you hold limiting beliefs from childhood?
• Are childhood traumas stopping you from living a successful life?
• Have an issue trusting your abilities?
• Have you been abandoned as a child?


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Self Esteem and Confidence

Do you have low self-esteem and lack confidence in yourself?

Hypnotherapy for Self-esteem and Confidence on the Central Coast and Sydney is an effective way to deal with Self-identity issues. Self-esteem and Confidence are something we have all had to deal with in our lives.

Our feelings, emotions, and self-belief systems were developed when we were very young through our developmental years, which may have hindered our ability to have healthy relationships.

Our ancestral lineage can also influence how we see ourselves, holding these belief systems within our cellular memory. Sometimes we experience confidence issues when we are confronted with things like public speaking, relationship challenges, career development, socializing, and many other activities that require healthy esteem and confidence.

We may have experienced a trauma or a belief that was formed in those early formative years as a young person. As we get older, these beliefs can become deeply ingrained through re-enforcement within our Unconscious mind.

These beliefs become so deeply rooted within us that it becomes our behaviours subconsciously, feeling states, and our self-identity. By accessing the Unconscious mind, we can shift how we see ourselves, develop our authenticity, and see the world around us in a new and safe way.

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How does hypnotherapy for self esteem and confidence work?

Within our deep inner mind, we have a voice that can dictate how we see ourselves, even though our limiting beliefs were created from an outside source. These beliefs are not necessarily the truth but can run our lives. Consciously we know these beliefs are untrue and irrational, but the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between one specific thing to another.

We create a ‘Meta world map’ of beliefs developed from our past experiences. The Unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a limiting belief from a healthier one. All it honors is that you are safe and comfortable, even when avoidance is keeping you safe but doesn’t serve you.

Self Esteem and Confidence and the unconscious mind

The idea is to speak to the unconscious mind to offer new ways to see, feel, hear, and experience the world, more authentically. We all create our own inner beliefs sometimes from external sources to feel loved, accepted, and validated by others. The limiting states we can experience are always operating from the past self, rather than the adult present self which has the knowledge and wisdom for change and healing. The healing process is about hearing the voice of that part of us that is conflicted or confused, allowing the present adult self to reframe the experience with a new perspective. Allowing this part of us that was created in the past to integrate into the present adult self when the conflicts are resolved.

We are not our thoughts. We seem to think that this is true but often leads us astray. Our thoughts can affect us without us even knowing. This is why we should develop a sense of awareness to make positive change. When we become aware of our thoughts, we can finally choose to change the way feel about them. With Hypnotherapy for self-esteem and Confidence, we can learn to choose what we consciously want to focus on, enabling a person to choose the state they want to experience. In essence, we break one state of beliefs and overlap it with something that is based on our present ‘truth’.

Self Esteem and Confidence: The outer world can be illusory

The voice inside of us can be influenced by outside judgment and criticism, and in turn can affect our authentic inner voice, making comparisons of ourselves to others. Healthy esteem will converse with our inner authenticity without the interference of other outside influences. And allowing ourselves to make improvements to self-empowerment and emotional freedom. The trick is to explore this inner self and honour its desire to express itself individually.

A person with healthy self-esteem is someone who accepts things about themselves that they can’t change. To be willing to change things with care and affection can create a positive attitude toward living. Old beliefs can be reframed allowing emotional freedom, giving us the choices to feel a sense of freedom from old beliefs and limiting patterns of behaviour.

Self Esteem and Confidence: Self identity

Through the process of relaxation, suggestion therapy, visualisation, and hypnotic introspection, we can sit with our inner limiting beliefs and feelings. This therapy is also about energy work. So, when we move through the states in trance work, we will anchor these new beliefs and feelings into the body. The unconscious mind recognizes symbols, colours, and pictures so when we anchor, we anchor these states permanently. Change needs to be felt deeply in the body for change to take place. Think of the body as the remembering faculty. The mind alone is not enough.

After these anchors are established, you will be able to elicit these states after the session at any time with daily repetition. The more you elicit these states, the breaking down of neurotransmitters associated with the old states is achieved, and new ways to feel begin to establish new neurotransmitters within the brain. In short, it’s about breaking habitual behaviour and replacing it with new beliefs, feelings, and states.

Hypnotherapy for Self-esteem and Confidence in Sydney can help develop your unique self-identity safely and securely with the practitioner. Once we feel safe, we can then explore, dissolve negativity, and transform deep programming into something that is deeply based on authentic truth. This work is all about inner self-recovery rather than discovery. It’s been there all along.

Self Esteem and Confidence: Public speaking

When we must get up in front of a crowd of people and must speak, it can be very nerve-racking sometimes. When we experience anxiety through public speaking, it can affect our ability to think clearly and convince the audience what we are presenting to them. Often it can be associated with a past trauma, or it may not be our base nature to be in front of a crowd.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in processing trauma, allowing the defense mechanisms that protect us from potential threats to be desensitised. Often the threat isn’t there anymore. We can help you overcome the issues faced when public speaking.

Confidence is about showing the unconscious mind that what you are doing is not a threat to your survival. Once we test ourselves with repetition, and discover that the threat isn’t there, the part of us that feels anxiety disappears.

Self Esteem and Confidence

Healing the Inner Child Hypnotherapy

Healing the Inner Child hypnotherapy is offered here at our Central Coast and Sydney clinics. A child can experience great trauma from childhood and triggers can happen at any time. Post-traumatic stress can develop over many years. Hypnotherapy using trance work and regression therapy is used for the purpose of maturing the child within.

Through the therapy, you will access states the child may have experienced, allowing the change of negative patterns and clearing emotional blockages. You will be able to release deep anger, resentment, rage, guilt, and painful wounds that sit deep within your unconscious mind. For more information, please visit


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